Monday, July 17

Weekend long party

After SK on friday night, i headed into the city to go clubbing with some friends. We met up at Kings Cross about 12:30 then went to several places around the city before heading out to his friends place at Warawee (don't ask) at about 6 in the morning then catching a train back to my place at Summer Hill around 8. I got home and had to prepare a bit for my party. Wasn't huge but i got trashed and had a good time. Of course we went into the city again afterwards, i left after midnight when i realized i was so tired i could hardly see anymore. Of course when i got back it took me at least 3 hours to get to sleep, and i only managed about 4 hours of sleep. So yeah i had a good weekend and left myself pretty retarded by sunday. Though, for some reason my foot hurts now and i have to limp everywhere.

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Belinda said...

kudos on a good birthday weekend