Monday, August 28

Late night photo hike

After the marquee we started a drunk wander which took us out to St Peters and Marickville. Of course after a while we started to sober up and wonder where we where and why? Oh well at least I got some good photo's out of it.

Sunday, August 27

Marquee for Ronnie's 18th

DSC_0012After Cave Clan i headed up to Marquee for 'Back in the day' and Ronnie's 18th. I showed up about midnight and had a quick drink out the front with Maxi and Will. But then figured we should go see how Ronnie was holding up, we found him inside using the pool table to stand up (he had started drinking around 1 or 2 in the afternoon, just look at the pic below Ronnie's the one in the middle). We managed to lose Ronnie at some point... apparently he had wandered off to Newtown or something. We hung around for a bit, luckily cause we got to see Will... drunk... dancing in a cage. He requested i post all of the photo's i took on his myspace... Now would i turn down a drunken request like that. We wound up at Macca's around 2.30 in the morning for a feed, then headed off on a long walk.

Cave Clan Newbies Expo

Jim from work came along with me to a Sydney Cave Clan Newbies Expo, we made it over to Naremburn where the meeting was to take place. Caught up with a group of 20 or so people, all keen to get dirty in drains. We were taken to a couple of smaller locations earlier in the night, before they headed off to another location with anyone keen to continue. Both of us wanted to, but i had to get to a friends birthday party. So we said goodbye and headed off back home.

Just Curve a little to the left...

Can i just say once more Mandalay Room is a great club and Curve has an awesome chilled atmosphere (and cheap drinks). It is on again next friday night, check the Curve site for more details.

Saturday, August 26

Beware of Dog

Now this is a dog that you don't want to mess with.
Just see the evil look in her eyes, she wouldn't hesitate to rip open your ankles.
This little girl is a vicious, cold blooded killer.
Maybe i should get a sign for my front door...
"Beware of Dog... Please don't step on her"

Sunday, August 20

Another Curvy weekend

DSC_0037Headed up to Mandalay Room @ Kings Cross for Curve. It is always a great night out. I keep mentioning the cheap drinks in my posts, but really that doesn't mean alot to most people. Just look at this drink... It's called a 'One Inch punch', can't remember exacly what was in it but i know it has a shot of absinthe as well as a couple of other shots mixed in, rimmed with sugar and served with a grape. It only cost me $7, now that's what i call good prices. The added bonus was it tasted great.
DSC_0148Of course the night just wouldn't be complete without great music. Up on the decks once more we had Rich Nicol, Levi5Star, JBY, J Smalls, & Brynstar. Michelle was up there giving us some grooving vocals, and Haydn was just so hot on guitar that night he had to be kept caged during his performance.
DSC_0157The night raged on hard until the early hours of the morning when everyone had to go home. Of course we weren't quite finished for the night, so i ended up going back with Haydn to drink a bit of wine. Hung out till about 7, then caught a cab home. Of course had too much to do on saturday so didn't get any sleep until sunday morning. But hey, i'm not complaining, i had a great weekend.
DSC_0024I hope to see everyone down @ Mandalay room this friday night. 54 Darlinghurst Rd, Kings Cross. Get in free before 11 - $10 after. And don't forget to try a 'One Inch Punch' (Recommended by yours truly). Hope to see everyone there.

Wednesday, August 16

A knock on the door...

There was a knock on my door this afternoon, and when i opened it there was a lady with a worried look on her face. She said that she had hit a white cat with her car and it had run off into the bushes... I was a little freaked out. I was running around helping her look for an injured cat, hoping to hell it wasn't my little girl. We searched for a while but found nothing so assumed it must have made it's way home. I told the lady to go home, there was really no sense in hanging around i told her that i'd keep looking. I went home and straight into my backyard to look for her but still couldn't find her... Then just as i walked back into the kitchen she came running up to me wanting a feed. I just grabbed her and gave her a big hug, i was so relieved she was ok. I did go back out and look some more to make sure there wasn't an injured cat lying out there somewhere but didn't find it, i just hope it's ok wherever it is. Missy is already out cold on the chair almost straight after having fed.

Strange Karma @ Spectrum

DSC_0093Sunday night and we were back up at Spectrum on Oxford St for Strange Karma, who were opening for The Loves. After our drinking session in the alley I was pretty blasted when i wandered in but i managed to take some pre-show pics of everyone bumming around on the couches having a drink.
Of course i managed to keep myself stable enough for some more pics of the guys in their kinda short, but no less awesome, gig. Straight afterwards The Loves were up on stage showing off their rock stylings. Afterwards we hung out with the Karma boys for a bit before everyone had to pack up and head home. I'f you'd like you can check out more of my Strange Karma photo's from this gig here i also took a few pics of The Loves you can see here.

Tuesday, August 15

Alley Drunks

DSC_0030We were on our way to go and see Strange Karma up at Oxford St on Sunday night... but seeing as we were rather early... wound up drunk in the alley. Hey were else were we meant to go. Christ i even let this crazy bastard talk me into getting 'Passion Pop', i had never had that crap before, and never will again. Hey we made it to the gig on time, stumbled our drunk arses in there and let everyone know we had arrived.
-Oh yeah i almost forgot, we even managed to migrate between about two different alleways. As well as scare the crap out of an asian guy emptying the bins.

Hell City Glamours @ Spectrum

DSC_0020We made our way up to Spectrum on Oxford st this Saturday night to go and see the Hell City Glamours. They were opened by Lust, Black Friday, and Black Guns. Hell City are actually a really popular band... made even more obvious by the difficulty i had pushing to the front just to get some photo's. Although i could have sworn there were a fair few underage kids at the venue, but oh well at least the filled the place. It wasn't a bad show either, I'm not a huge fan of the style but i can admit that they are good at what they do.

Sunday, August 13


DSC_0067Curve last friday night at The Mandalay Room was unbelievable. The night was made supreme with the funkalicious music stylings of Rich Nicol (Cuban Funk Syndicate), Dirty D, Levi 5 Star and who could forget the Brynstar. The night was topped off with some incredible live music from Haydn with his blazing guitar tunes and Michelle's vocals making us dance.
Apparently the nude camels had to be cancelled due to new animal husbandry laws being introduced. The Siberian jellyfish were under siege and unable to attend and small furry rodents from Neptune and Pluto were held up due to terrorist attacks on trains between Saturn and Uranus. But not to worry i have word that next week appearing live we've got yoghurt manufacturing dwarf pygmies plus fluorescent single celled organisms sprinkled throughout the air conditioning system. Sounds like it will be a good night.
So come one come all this friday night to 54 Oxford st. Entry is free before 11, $10 afterwards. Drinks are cheap and they have a great selection of cocktails up there (trust me on that). Oh and best of all there will be caged dancers.

Strange Karma @ The Marquee

Thursday night was another great event at The Marquee in Camperdown. This venue seems to have really good effect on the quality of a band. The sound and the lighting are usually very well managed which really adds to the effect of a gig. I am glad it has now become pretty much a monthly venue for Strange Karma as they always put on amazing shows everytime we come.

Wednesday, August 9

This is a pic of the flour silo at the bottom of my street, I took this pic out of the train window as I was coming home. I don't know why but I've always loved the ominous look of this place, though it still has nothing on the White Bay power station.

Visit to the Dentist

DSC_0001I had to go to the dentist today. Happy Happy Joy Joy! Luckily nothing was done today... Unluckily I have to go back in soon and have at least 3 teeth removed as well as get 2 fillings. For someone who hasn't been to the dentist in about 10 years that's not a bad finding. Hey, the teeth being removed are just wisdom teeth that have grown through too far and are causing me some pain. I can't eat properly at the moment because it hurts, so the sooner it comes out the better. However while sitting in the waiting room beforehand I did happen to notice one of the most bizarre 'no smoking' signs I have ever seen in my life.

Hello Kitty Car

DSC_0003On my way home today while coming through the city i happened to notice an asian guy driving past in his 'Hello Kitty' sports car... Now this is a car that just oozes sex appeal. This thing is going to pull heap's of chick's... Alright that's enough seriously what was he thinking choosing a car like this when he could've had 'Happy Tree Friends' splattered all over it.

Sunday, August 6

Crazy f**king acid trip weekend

Max is passed out on my couch, hardcore porno playing on the set...
It's f**king 5.35 in the morning I have had less than 4hrs sleep since i finished work on friday and i cannot for the life of me get to sleep. This has just been such a night and i seriously don't know where to start on it...
I was supposed to be meeting up with some people at newtown which fell through and wound up with me going to an amazing party at a Squatters den in Newtown with adam a guy who i have not gone out with in sometime... I will come back to that later... anyway, we wandered into this place through the wardrobe... and chilled at a great party with lots of cool people, the place was an awesome venue with dj's and live music.
I left early cause i wanted to go and see my boy Max who had made his way back into the city... and because bottle shops close at 12pm. So we made it to Charlie Chan's in the city just before they closed and grabbed another bottle of vodka. Then we headed up towards the Lansdowne where i knew there would be more people. We get there and everything was going great
until we noticed Adam had gone out of control he was actually forcing people to drink his goon wine, i mean he grabbed their heads and poured it down their throat or over their face. Then he starts abusing some guy we were talking with, he spits all over the poor guy and then tries to brawl with him. Of course he got his arse kicked and he deserved it. A group of four of took him aside and told him not to pull that shit, tried to calm him down... so he throws a bottle...
At that point we were like Adam... Who the hell is He????
I warned him before we cant deal with that. It has a bad affect on our image. So we left him to enjoy being chased off by security. He is lucky that no one got seriously hurt.

After all that died down and we had offered to buy beers for the bloke who adam had attacked. We could finally chill. We got to hang out there for an hour with warren and rachael and some kiwi bloke who was giving us a speech on how fighting is good for the soul (or some really random sh*t like that). Then after they closed that place down Maxie and i figured we'd wind up back at my place for a drink and a smoke.
So yeah here we are, Max passed out on the couch... Me stranded awake but alone... Even emma is asleep. The tv has shut itself off. The computer still sits here humming. But i just can't seem to turn my mind off right now... I wonder why... Crazy f**king acid trip weekend


Thursday, August 3

Are you serious... a haircut?

Sexy New StyleI guess it was due, it has been about 7-8 years since it was last this short. I was just sitting there today at work thinking to myself... "I want to cut my hair"... so i did. I knew that if i put it off now i wouldn't do it. So here you go, i cut it and what do you know it looks pretty good. I've also developed a wave in it from having it tied up so much. Pretty sexy, dont you think?

Wednesday, August 2

Kids really do say the strangest things

DSC_0001I was recently talking with a friend of mine Danielle, she is currently pregnant (about 6months i think). Dani was telling me about how her little sister Brittany, who is 5 (i think), was asking her when she would throw up the baby. Little Britt had thought that because it was in her sister's 'stomach' she would have to throw it up to get it out of her. So freaking cute.