Sunday, July 23

Lansdowne last night.

Ended up heading out to the Lansdowne with Max and Kate last night. We were going to see a band called Shotgun Wedding (i think), but when we got there i ran into some friends who were also on the line-up, Hawk Hogan & Funobashi from Unemployed Super Villians. I managed to lose Max, Kate and their friends before midnight (when i called them later, they were sitting up in Hyde Park with a bunch of underage drinkers). While at lansdowne i also ran into two girls that i knew because they had gone to school with my sister. I met a few other people and ended up offering my spare bed to Rachael, from Penrith, who was going to have to wait until trains started up again Sunday Morning. So we hung out here, watching some American Dad episodes at like 4am (just after the early morning Macca's pick-up). But christ am i tired now.


Belinda said...

aww arent you a good kid, hanging out with underage drinkers.....not to so cool for your friends, i love american dad, its great when family guy is on directly before and after it.

one thing doll, can you please take off the word verification thingy, its annoying!

SexyNinjaMonkey said...

i wasn't hanging with underage drinkers, my friends had nicked of to the park to go do that. I was with all the legal age drinkers back at the pub :)
I've removed the verification but if i start getting spammed again it's back on.

Maxi said...

Haha it was mad, watching underaged kids beat the fuck outta each other!