Monday, July 3

Poor Missy Cat, Has an Abscess

My poor kitty, after getting back from newcastle yesterday we discovered a gross Pussyu lump on the side of my cat's head... From the look (and the smell) we thought she had rolled in some shit. But when we tried to clean it we discovered it was more. Luckily Bec was over and was able to run me to a vet nearby. We discovered missy had what was called an abscess. Apparently, When cat's are fighting some filth can get caught under the skin from a claw wound... That filth then grows and festers (lovely image) until it bursts smelling and looking disgusting. Missy didn't even seem to notice it but we sure did. The vet gave me some antibiotics to give her, and told me to keep her inside for a few weeks (she's going to hate me). Also after the bit of dead flesh falls away she may be left with a small hole in the side of her face. Of course she will be well looked after so that she gets better quickly. I hate seeing my girls like that.

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