Monday, January 19

Humanist Society Meeting

We headed down to Humanist House in Glebe today as one of our Anonymous crew was giving a speech to the Humanist Society on what we are about and why we wear masks. It was fairly productive, letting others know what about us as well as answering some of their questions.

Sunday, January 18

I have skillz it's official

I won this at the skill tester
I'm soo stoked, was playing the skill testers at that arcade down near china town and had my first ever win. I now officially have skillz. It's pretty cool, a Gloomy bear, complete with bloody claws and blood dripping around mouth area. YAY I WON!!!!
I won this at the skill tester

Saturday, January 17

Pot 'Noodle' Luck

There is a skill tester in the city that has pot noodles. It's about $1 cheaper to play than it would be to buy down at the shop so if you win it's great.

Thursday, January 15

Couchsurfing Israeli Girls

Had a couple of Israeli tourists staying on my couch recently Liora & Romi. Great girls and my dog loved them. Unfortunately Romi had to leave early so don't really have any shots of her, but this is Liora
The girls also cooked spagbol which was awesome, plus Liora made us a funky desert on her last night, it's pretty much toast with chocolate spread and bananas. But damn was it tasty... and drippy.

Wednesday, January 14

Cherry Beer

Tried this recently at the new Belgian Beer Cafe in Balmain, a bit sweet for some, but i liked it. Has an interesting taste, not one you could drink all night but worth a try if you like sweet drinks.
Cherry Beer

Tuesday, January 13

New Years Eve

Police were out in full force this New Years in the city, i took this dodgy pic of the mounted police (there were a lot of them) from out of a cab window... As i'm sure you can probably tell. We had a pretty good night out and left Kings Cross at some early hour in the morning as seen in the next pic (6:15am according to the photo details)
The only bad thing that happened was on the cab ride home... But that was stressful and i'll leave it at Fuck i hate scary cabbies.

Monday, January 12

Boxing Day at the park with Emma

Had nothing to do so took a wander to the park and played with the ball.

Saturday, January 3

Anonymous Raid Dec 20th Part 4

The last leg of the journey we marched down to glebe, to the Scientology office down behind Broadway shopping centre, where we chanted outside and talked with the handlers, they actually came over and handed out their 'The Way to Happiness' pamphlets.
ASYD raid Dec 20th
ASYD raid Dec 20th
ASYD raid Dec 20th
ASYD raid Dec 20th
ASYD raid Dec 20th
ASYD raid Dec 20th
ASYD raid Dec 20th
They sent out a couple of higher up handlers to talk with us Cyrus and 'the woman currently known as' Claire.
ASYD raid Dec 20thASYD raid Dec 20th
ASYD raid Dec 20th

Friday, January 2

Anonymous Raid Dec 20th Part 3

The next stop was Town Hall Square where we pumped up The DoomBox (our PA) & danced around handing out flyers and encouraging drivers to honk.
ASYD raid Dec 20th
ASYD raid Dec 20th
ASYD raid Dec 20th
ASYD raid Dec 20thASYD raid Dec 20th
ASYD raid Dec 20th
We managed to pick up some bizarre random straggler who was going nuts dancing to the music and followed us for an hour or so. No one knew him, so he's just 'Crazy dancing dude'. I managed to grab this shot as he was bouncing across the road.
ASYD raid Dec 20th

Thursday, January 1

Happy New Year

No photo, just wishing a Happy New Years.
Hope everyone had a great night.
And i hope none of you scored a scary taxi driver like i did.
Anyways i gotta try and get some sleep