Friday, July 29

God Damn That's Cute!!!

I felt everyone would benefit from this picture of my babies. Missy (full name 'Miss Kitty' my domestic shorthair), and Emma my puppy (Jack Russell X Mini Foxy - so cute) cuddled up together on the futon. Everyone should have pets. This pic doesn't show all of the pets at my house, there is still Mortisha the (white) domestic longhair, the 2 (left from 4 original) rats madeline and sandy, as well as the fish tank that's all... I think.
So anyway, pretty boring day at work (but when isn't it). It's friday night and i still gotta work tomorrow, 6 days a week is a bitch. Although tomorrow i get to test a new gps device with my ipaq rx3715 (you know your jealous) although getting software to check it is a pain in the ass.
Hopefully i'll find something in my searching tonight.
Still haven't had any one skype me. Can someone pretty please just download it and skype me (or even give me your details and i'll skype you), i just want to see what the quality is like. I installed Skype on my pc and PocketSkype on my ipaq (prob use more of pocketskype to keep memory free on my pc).
Anyway i got nothing more to say for the moment.

Thursday, July 28

Brand New Blog

What am i doing setting up a blog at 11:41pm i should be in bed sleeping already so im not messed up at work tomorrow. This is my first ever blog wow what a wonderful thing, i thought i'd try all the new things to do online (as i stopped being a net nerd a few years back).
I just downloaded skype which is an awesome program for anyone out there currently using msn icq aol or one of the several others, it's essentially the same thing except they have set it up more like VoIP, for those of you who got no idea what that is it's pretty much a telephone program for anyone with broadband. Being run over the internet it means free skype2skype voice calls (worldwide).
Heres my Skype contact details for anyone interested