Monday, March 30

March 14th: Party Harder

Our March raid on the 14th was entitled 'Party Harder' and Sydney Anon's were out in full force.
March 14th: Party Harder
March 14th: Party HarderMarch 14th: Party Harder
March 14th: Party Harder

Sunday, March 22

My skillz have been upgraded to Mad Skillz

I played the skill testers again, won 3 toys and gave one of them to a cute girl at the arcade place. Kept a large pink Gloomi Bear & a Tofu character.

Saturday, March 21

Yay new cooking gear

Slow cooker & a deep fryer, i spent my star rewards points on them from work so it cost me nothing.

Thursday, March 19

Tuesday, March 17

Monday, March 16

Yay sweeties!

One of my local shops has some pretty funky American sweets, i of course had to buy some. I think most of these i heard of through Seinfeld.

Saturday, March 14

Pretty birdie

unfortunately the bird seemed scared of my camera cause he kept flying away when i got too close, this was the best shot i managed.

Friday, March 13

Morning Glory

This is a real shop just near chinatown in Sydney.

Wednesday, March 4

Anon Picnic

We had an Anon picnic in Hyde park at the end of Jan. The girls had wax strips, poor thefatman...

Tuesday, March 3


Almost forgot, UnseenTV (a web news show) was there interviewing some of our lovely masked freakshow. I haven't had the chance to check it out yet, but posting this just reminded me to see if it's posted yet.
V for Valentines

Sunday, March 1

Failed Win

When you have a sign like this:
V for Valentines
Remember not to forget about what's written on the back, especially when there's people like me around:
V for Valentines