Sunday, November 26

Nipple Piercing

Yeah i got it done... Not as painful as you'd think but it does make it very sensitive.

Ritual @ Candy's

Last saturday i was up at Candy's again for Ritual but i found it difficult to get a picture properly showing off the lighting, plenty of randoms but they're all on inthemix.
Afterwards i met up with everyone down at Moulin Rouge, before heading into the city withg them for a bit of tank, then coming back to Moulin, and finally at Spice. Didn't take pics at Spice last weekend, i just felt like chilling.

Airbourne @ Candy's

Last weekend i went to see Airbourne @ Candy's Apartment ands got some really good shots. You can see more here in the Gallery
Straight after i hung around for a bit to check out the nightclub held in the same venue straight after the gig. Then over to YU for a bit but there was an incident there and i moved on, wound up going for food with one of the girls i'd met out clubbing... actually it was this one...
Was going to head home but wound up going to Moulin Rouge with someone else i ran into.

Thursday, November 23

Strange Karma's last show for 2006

This is a clipping i ripped out of Drum Media about a week ago. Apparently tonight's gig at The Marquee will be their last for the year. I'm just getting ready to head over now... Will add photo's to this post when i get back...

...Some photo's as promised, plenty more from the night up here on Zooomr

Michael Falzon, Live @ The Basement

Last night i headed into The Basement to See Michael Falzon (from 'We Will Rock You' musical). I was taking some photo's for, wound up hanging around until almost 11.30 and had a hell of a time getting home, but that's another story.
The night was started off with a set from the incredibly gorgeous and talented Susannah Stone. Until later in the night when Michael got up and put on a show, he had a supporting band that included three violinist's. Pretty good music (not my scene, but good music anyway).

Tuesday, November 21

Newtown Graffiti

Cam4e across some awesome graffiti art while driving through newtown the other day... couldn't help myself.

Monday, November 20

Trashbagging... To The Extreme!

Saturday night was such a trashbaggy night, headed up to the cross to check out Kid Mc and the Blank Djs playing @ Big Guns held at Candy's apartment. But i soon wound up heading up to sam's to wait around until 1 for jaden to show up... Then we went to One Love @ Tank nightclub to check out the venue and see what the night was like, only wound up hanging there for a little while before heading up to Moulin Rouge at the Cross...
Then over to Spice for the usual Sunday morning recovery... Though this sunday by the time we reached that point i was so trashed. Wound up hanging there until quite early in the morning.
Didn't actually get home until around 10.30 Sunday morning.

Run Around

Friday i spent the day running around Sydney City, out to Rose Bay early in the morning, then back into the city... Then got a phone call to head up to the cross, where i hung with Sam and Zhenya before heading to my Parents place at Rozelle... where i took a nice pic of my 14yo cat Millie.
Then bolted to redfern... back home... then finally back up to Kings Cross for partying... Wound up at Sam and Barb's again where i drank myself into a nice state... before having to do the early morning walk down to central to catch a bus.

Rocking @ The Marquee

Wound up going to Marquee with Maxi last thursday. First band we got to see was Sydney trash rock band, 8-ball Junkies, and god damn their lead singer had a freakin voice on her.
Next on the line up was another sydney rock band, Torch Le Monde
Afterwards i headed up to Kings cross, to check out one of the clubs... It was dead inside so i went to hang with maxi and the boys up at Ruby Rabbit for Rock 'N Roll Motherfucker, until i had to go home from lack of funds.

Sunday, November 12

Jadens Birthday

Saturday night we all headed up to Yu to celebrate Jadens Birthday. Unfortunately Yu was packed out with kid's getting messed up and dancing to some pretty standard music. But hey we claimed an area and made the most of it, bunch of trashbaggers rocking things up a little.
After Yu, we dropped by Moulin Rouge for a little bit, to kill some time and listen to The Potbelleez... Until Spice was open anyway...
Things where funky as ever up at Spice, everyone partying until after the sun had risen. But just look at this last pic of Jaden... has anyone else noticed that he's changed outfit's 3 times in one night... Talk about stylish.

We Heart Loose Kaboose

Friday night i went to the World Bar in Kings Cross for the tech/minimal/electro & breaks night, 'We Heart Loose Kaboose'. With the Deep as Fu*k djs, Alphatown (f*cking awesome set), Claire Morgan + resident djs Trinity & Matt Anthony. More djs on the terrace... but i wasn't out there.

Hell City Glamours

Wound up going out with Maxi last thursday night to check out Hell City Glamours at Spectrum again. I think i got some pretty good shots this time.
Of course afterwards we found ourselves in an Alley once again.

No Parking

Need i say more???