Friday, June 30

Graaarghh... Issue's with mac

Ok, so i was wondering what had happened to about 400 or so songs that were on my iPod before going mac format... but aren't now. Took me a while but i realized they where still on my laptop... just completely useless on a mac, Someone had gone and ripped them in WMA... How annoying. I tried finding some mac software that i could use just for a one off conversion without paying about $80. Ended up giving up in the end and just copying those files back to my pc so i can use some free conversion software on there. I have copied them over and am currently running the converter... Christ it's slow... But hey it was free. I'm not sure what it's called or where to get it as it was an unnamed file emailed from a friend (i guess im lucky it wasn't a virus). But hey it's working and soon i can put the songs back on my iPod.

Complete new look!!

I got the shit's with the look of my blog... So i remade the whole thing from scratch. Gotta love it. Took me 2 nights (as i have a job and work all day), but it's done. I kinda like the new look. I redesigned it all, i particularly like the new logo. But the hardest part was the colour scheme. I spent almost a whole day trying to get the colouring right... Finally went with a 4 part scheme Black, white, red, grey. So tell me what you think... Do you hate it? Do you love it? Or do you really not care? I'd like to know.

Tuesday, June 27

Me and Emma @ 3 in the morning

She must hate me for time's when i wander through the door at 3am looking like this and waking her up cause i'm bored. Just look at those puppydog eyes. Oh well she can't complain too much, she'd freak out if i left her alone for too long.

What's new from Buzz Patrol

Once again, some great posts from the guy's over @ Buzz Patrol;

Teen slut files lawsuit against MySpace,
Valet copies key, spends 2-days under bed,
White man shocked he did not father black baby,
Paris uses toilet at German farm, bars family from home,
Charles Darwin's tortoise dies - at age 176,
Man awarded $400k for 10-year erection,
Monkey quits smoking by drinking beer.

Monday, June 26

Google Homepage Languages

I was looking at google's language services today (Im trying to make translating my blog easier), when i noticed a few languages that were a tad irregular...
God i love Google's sense of humour;

Bork, bork, bork!
-From The Muppet Show's Swedish Chef
Elmer Fudd
-From WB's Looney Tunes cartoons
-The 1337 language of Computer Hackers
-Language of an alien race from Star Trek
Pig Latin
-That annoying way some of the kids at primary school used to talk

Remember the Gobbledok

"Better keep your doors and windows locked and youd better watch out for the Gobbledok", "Chippie, Chippie, Chippie". Those famous slogans from the 80's and 90's that would alway's be accompanied by images of the Gobbledok. This guy became a family favourite overnight and helped make Smith's into the company they are now. This bizarre looking character appeared in several advertisements over the 10yr span of his life with Smith's but like all good things came to an end when smiths went for the boring slogan "You'll get lost in the taste"... Why would you choose such a crap slogan. Anyway, I say bring back the gobbledok. I would love to see another Smiths add with that guy. Or if another company has the cash they should try to buy the rights, make a commercial with the Gobbledok forsaking Smith's crisps and eating some other brand, now that would be funny.
-Gobbledok Wiki-
-The Gobbledok Story-

Sunday, June 25

Organizing a party

July 15 - 19:00 - 00:30, 2006 - SexyNinjaMonkey's 22nd Birthday - at My house in Summer Hill, Sydney

So i'm planning a party this year... Last year was a bit of a non-event so i wanted to make it a bit more this year. I have invited many people and hopefully alot of them will make it. It's just in planning at the moment, so far i've organised the night and the location. Now just have to get as many ppl as i can to show up. Hopefully this will be an awesome night.

Fight The Power!!

Oh no i'm smoking in a bar... Who the f*k came up with those law's anyway?

2 Nights of Strange Karma

So we went to see Strange Karma on Thursday night @ the Marquee in Camperdown, as well as Saturday night out west at St Mary's RSL. I said it before and i'll say it again, the marquee is an awesome venue. I still have yet to be drunk enough to be found dancing in the steel cages. At st mary's last night they were the opening act for Dirty Deeds, the AC/DC cover band. So of course being out west all the rednecks came for the ackadacka show. Oh well, 14th July @ the Cat & Fiddle in Balmain should be f*king awesome, so be prepared.

Wednesday, June 21

Martinelli Revolution

I don't exactly know what this is from... but it looks alcoholic... I want to try it.
Hey it was made by a Martinelli, so it must be good.

Monday, June 19

Sleepy Emma

Emma got to spend the night with Bec and Jeren last friday. I didn't want her sitting around the house whining while i was up in Newcastle. Of course she was pretty damn happy to see me again Saturday afternoon when the girls dropped her back home. All morning i had kept forgetting she wasn't there and had even tried looking for her at one point (till i remembered). lol. Anyway, i was watching a movie last night 'Broken Flowers' with Bill Murray (from Ghostbusters) playing an aging Don Juan... not a bad movie, not an overly good movie, but not bad. Oh well at least i didn't fall asleep like i di while trying to watch Aeon Flux... how dissapointing that was.

Fake Name Generator

Ever needed a fake name quickly. This site is more than helpful with that, not only will it generate a fake name for you... But it will also give you an address, a phone number, mother's maiden name, and birthdate. Also if you intend on using your alias for an extended period, they have a handy google search button to make sure no one else is posting to the web under that name. I have chosen my fake name:

Quincy Tremain
102 Jefferson Street
Grand Rapids, MI 49503
Phone: 616-340-0933
Mother's maiden name: Mckeen
Birthday: May 13, 1970

So go on create a persona for yourself. With currently 487,861,706 possible names, you could be almost anyone.

Sunday, June 18

Extortr - Blackmailing web service

Got embarrasing photo's of people, or even one that could get someone fired. Just upload to this page, insert name and email address of the victim as well as the category of blackmail. Select the amount and the time given to pay. Choose the evidence that you would like to upload, then send Blackmail Note. Your victim will recieve an email with a copy of the picture and how much it will cost to not have it shown. If they elect to pay the amount it will be directed in to your paypal account (after extortr's 10% cut). If the money is not payed, the photo or mpeg will be made public. Isn't this all just deliciously evil. Of course the site author has written clearly at the bottom of the page "This isn't actually a genuine web site. It's just a joke.", although it seem's real enough and i think it could wind up in a few court battle's if not careful.

Picasa Web Albums

You have probably already heard of 'Picasa', which is Google's free photo management/sharing software. It has now made the whole sharing aspect even easier by giving a free 256mb of space to upload your photo's to the new web based Picasa galleries. It is great if you just want to get some photo's online in easy to manage album's. It doesn't have all of Flickr's features (but then who does), but it also doesn't have any upload restrictions. I just uploaded my entire photo collection to the site this morning (see them here). They even offer RSS feeds for your entire gallery, or for individual albums. Also if the 256mb isn't enough they have a 6Gb upgrade option, why they just don't share space between the multiple google services they offer i don't know (hopefully they'll catch on soon). But for the moment 256mb is doing me great. It is only in BETA testing at the moment so if you haven't signed up already you may be waiting a little while for it to be properly released as a google service and hopefully integrated with the rest (i.e gmail, gcalendar, blogger, etc.).

Saturday, June 17

Strange Karma in Newcastle

We road tripped to Newcastle friday night to go see Strange Karma play live at 'House of Steel'. Max managed to score a ride up in the van with the guys. So me and Kate got to drive up together. I've said it before and i'll say it again... There is nothing at Newcastle, i don't think they'll be doing anymore gigs up there too soon. We all got a bit trashed, there was alot of alcohol consumed as well as a few joints passed around. We even managed to get Paul and Jody from the band to come out to a pub with us for drinks after the show, well until 2am when they decided it was closing time and kicked us all out :( We decided we would kick on the party at Mcdonalds (the big caltex/roadhouse thing between newcastle and sydney) on the way home. When we got there it was closed, so we had pies and sausage rolls from caltex before going home. Of course... i had no batteries, so there are no photo's. Dissapointing. Anyway it was a great night and even though i slept all morning i'm still tired, yet here i am trying to find something to do tonight.

Tuesday, June 13

Initial D Racing

Ok so while i was at Galaxy world yesterday playing Initial D, I realised that it was actually a really good game. I usually hate racing games... unless the point of them is to blow up other cars, or run them off the road (i.e. Burnout). But this game was really easy to get the hang of, first game i beat my friend who plays these things almost every weekend. I already have a favourite car, the Mazda RX-8. The game was so good we even chucked in the extra couple of dollars to get cards printed. These cards just make it so you can keep track of your high scores, the car you drive, and the character's name. Pretty good idea for anyone who really enjoy's the game (i noticed alot of racing game's are doing this now). Anyway check it out if you get the chance.

Gir - I Want One!!!

If you haven't yet seen 'Invader Zim', then what the f*k is wrong with you? You should watch it for Gir alone... Gir is the cute little 'extremely retarded' robot sidekick of, Invader Zim, the Irken invader. This guy is just so stupid you can't help but feel sorry for him, plus he's soo damn cute. The Tallest (Leaders of the Irken Invasion Fleet) assigned Gir to Zim in the hopes that Zim would be killed by Gir's utter stupidity, simply no one likes Zim... well not since he almost destroyed their home planet during Operation Impending Doom One. That is pretty much why he was sent to Earth, as it happens Earth happens to be several hundred trillion light years away from the main force of the Irken Invasion. But still with mindless quotes like, "I'm running, I'm running, whoohoooo! I'm running! Wheehehehe! I'm naked!", and "I love the little tacos. I love them good." how could you not fall in love with the crazy little fool. Admit it you want one too. For more info on the show and it's characters, just check the wiki's for Gir or Invader Zim.

Movies, games & women

So after my saturday night out and sleeping all sunday. You'd think i'd be too retarded to be going out anymore. But seeing as monday was a public holiday, i went to the city. We ended up going to see the new Disney movie Cars, and it was actually pretty good. Honestly, Pixar have improved soo much since the early work they had shown on Sesame St. I mean really i'm 21 and even i enjoyed it. After that we headed over to Galaxy World where i managed to get addicted to 'Initial D Version 3' the racing game... and i usually hate racing games... but you should have seen the perfect drift i pulled off in that game. It's a game that actually does cover beginners as well as advanced racers. Of course i had to leave early when Vivian sms'ed me asking if i was at home... I made it home in record time, hey i had good reason to. But i had a great time with Vivian, we just lay around and watched the movie Jawbreaker (something to watch). Unfortunately she couldn't stay as we both had work the next morning. Oh well, maybe next time.

Sunday, June 11

My head is Spinning

I went to a warehouse part lastnight. I would not have even known it was on if it wasn't for Dirty D, who had sent me an invite through myspace. It ended up being a f*king amazing night. Great music and great people make for a fantastic experience. This was my first warehouse party but hopefully not my last. I managed to grab a few email addresses while i was there tonight of some of the people i talked to so that we could go out again later... Not sure i remember them all, but i think i have it right. I even met a really good business contact there, however i wont say anything more on that just now as it isn't definate just yet. But anyway as you can see in the picture im f*ked up right now (i only took this pic less than an hour ago)... I can't sleep. I need to do something, maybe i'll take Emma for a walk... She's asleep... but oh well she can get up and come for a walk with me.

Saturday, June 10

Strange Karma Rocked Again

Last night we travelled out to Arncliffe, to the Arncliffe Hotel for more Strange Karma (yeah, these guys f*king rock). As you can see in the picture Jody (Bass Guitar/Backing Vocals) is having a great time. As were the rest of the band and those of us who came to see them. I actually got Sexy Bec and Jeren to come along (well they live in arncliffe so wasn't too hard), and they really enjoyed the show. The girl's were suprised to here that SK hadn't been signed yet, let's hope it comes i'd love to see them make it. So now we have to wait for the next gig...
June 16, 2006 - 20:00 - 24:00 - Strange Karma - at House of Steel Newcastle
Yes it's in Newcastle, so were roadtripping.
Hopefully i'll bring back heaps of photo's.

Thursday, June 8

Blogging from Second Life

I only signed up for Second Life two night's ago and have already figured out how to post to blogger. Not bad for a newbie. Anyway, if you haven't tried second life you should... C'mon It's Free. You can even create a character that looks how you want it to look (how many games let you do that). Also if you are any good at 3d modelling, you are able to upload images you have created as objects in SL... i.e. houses buildings and other structures. Or you can upload new textures for clothing, skin, etc. Basically it is a great game... wait no it's not a game it's a life... a Second Life. You are even able to earn money through Second Life if you know what you are doing, Linden Dollars (the currency used in SL) are actually able to be traded for US dollars. So if you create a business in Sl and have enough people pay for your services, you could make some good cash. There are already some lucrative clothing and music stores, as well as a thriving adult district). After just a little bit of fooling around i discovered that it even cater's to fan's of two of my favourite book series. The Chronicle's of Gor (there is a large active Gorean community), and Myst (book/game). I actually discovered an island called Telador, which was owned and maintained by fans of Myst who were trying to recreate some parts of the games. Anyway sign up now it's fun and it's free. If you do happen to sign up or you are already a member add me to your friends, my avatar's name is 'SexyNinjaMonkey Thunders'.

Tuesday, June 6

The War Wages on between Google and Microsoft

Apparently google has gone and bought out the online spreadsheet app, of course now the website is down (perhaps due to the rise in hit's since the purchase by google went public). Although you can still read the irows blog, which currently has no mention of the purchase. We'll have to sign up and wait for the beta release of Google Spreadsheets. Originally found on

Monday, June 5

Chronicles of Gor

I mentioned the Gor books in a previous post, only don't take that post as the whole of the fanbase... That's just a small portion of our society (showing how f*ked up people can be).
Putting that aside. 'The chronicles of Gor' is a series based mainly around the adventures of Tarl Cabot a man with freakishly red hair who was taken from Earth, and deposited on some unknown world to an unknown fate... He was on the world of Gor. This is a fantasy story with lots of swords & sorcery, a few sci-fi twists, as well as some great erotica scenes. These books have something for everyone with an imagination. Author John Norman has managed to create an amazing cult following with this series, there are many fansites, chat rooms and roleplay groups out there created by people who love the books. If you would really like to read the books you'll have to check eBay, as most of the books are actually out of print... Or if you can't find a particular one just ASK ME as i have a few that i may be able to sell you. For anyone who still needs to know more just check the Gor wikipedia entry.

Upcoming Strange Karma Gig

June 9, 2006 - 20:00 - 22:00 - Strange Karma Gig - at Arncliffe Hotel, Sydney, NSW
I'm expecting everyone to show up for this gig. C'mon it's going to be free. Come and support a great band.
-Strange Karma on Myspace-

Thursday, June 1

Finally, i thnk i'm getting somewhere

Guess what, I had a date last night with a beautiful Chinese girl, Vivian. I have been flirting with her for about a year now... she has made my lunch almost everyday, she works at the sandwich shop where i buy my lunch. And i have asked her out a few times but had no luck, then out of the blue she asked me if i was doing anything... so we went out had a drink and something to eat. We had a really amazing time, and i hope we get to go out again soon. She is just a little bit older but i really don't care. Oh yeah i should also mention, i had a job interview today. I think it went well, but i'll have to wait till i hear back from them... God damn i could use that wage increase, and working less days for it would be incredible. So wish me luck, i could use it.

The latest from: Buzz Patrol

I think i might make this a regular thing, as these guys just seem to find some of the best stuff. Much Respect Buzz Patrol.

Clerks 2 Trailer
70,000 Beer cans found in townhouse
Sorry Jesus, We did come from apes
Chick Flicks Good for Girls, And Guys
Inmate Request Sex Change Surgery

Virtual Lego - I think im going to cry

LEGO... VIRTUAL LEGO... I, can't contain myself i'm just dying to get this installed on my laptop so i can play with lego again... contain those childish urges... oh fuck it, i wanna play with the lego, YAY! You know you loved lego as a kid, now you can relive your childhood as you build a dream house then invade it with pirates, or whatever you can imagine. And guess what you'll never run out of pieces... Holding back the insane laughter. Sorry windows users this is Mac only. So for all you mac users get ready to start laying lego foundations with Bricksmith.