Monday, October 10

Missy & Her Pod

I haven't been online much lately so this blog hasn't had an update for a little while now.
What do i have to say, recently work has been driving me up the wall, my boss took off to china yesterday for a trade show, so i get to handle alot of his work while he's gone (as if i didn't already have enough). I finally gave in and bought an iPod photo 20gb (so far i have 7.9 days of music on it, i wonder how much i can fit before i fill it). I took a quick pic of missy playing with my iPod headphones about 5mins ago and thought i'd stick it up here for anyone who can be bothered to see it.
I haven't been doing alot lately, i am finally starting to see things clearly though. I have been suffering at my current job working six days for minimal pay, so i started applying for some new jobs. Already i've had a call from Domayne who are opening a new shop at North Ryde, and i have an interview tomorrow evening. So i hope i do well at this, if not i'll always find something else. So if anyone is actually reading this wish me luck. Anyway, i'm kinda hungry so i'm gonna go check what i have in the kitchen (hopefully something as i haven't done the shopping yet).