Sunday, July 9

Hell City Glamours @ Ruby Rabbit

Last thursday Max had asked me to come along and check out this band call Hell City Glamours. I had thought he'd said marquee but i was wrong they were @ Ruby Rabbit on Oxford st in Darlinghurst. I went because i was interested in hearing them and because Shea was up from Melbourne for the weekend... I had to go see Shea. Even Vivian ended up coming, now that was awesome. I didn't think she would be up for that kind of thing but she came and had a good time. Afterwards while waiting for a train Viv's parents called so she had to run off home :( Oh well, she's coming out next friday night with us. Anyway Hell City were a pretty f**king good band (I can see why maxie loves them), Will probably go again next time.

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Belinda said...

finding good bands is always a treat