Friday, December 16

a Perfect Circle - Passive

Dead as dead can be
The doctor tells me
But I just can't believe him
Ever the optimistic one
I'm sure of your ability
To become my perfect enemy

Wake up and face me
Don't play dead 'cause maybe
Someday I will walk away and say
You disappoint me
Maybe you're better off this way

Leaning over you here
Cold and catatonic
I catch a brief reflection
Of what you could and might have been
It's your right and your ability
To become my perfect enemy

Wake up
(Why can’t you?)
And face me
(Come on now)
Don't play dead
(Don’t play dead)
'Cause maybe
(Because maybe)
I’ll walk away and say
You disappoint me
Maybe you're better off this way

Maybe you're better off this way (×3)
You're better off this (×2)
Maybe you're better off...

Wake up
(Why can't you?)
And face me
(Come on now)
Don't play dead
(Don’t play dead)
'Cause maybe
(Because maybe)
I’ll walk away and say
You fucking disappoint me
Maybe your better off this way!

Go ahead and play dead
I know that you can hear this
Go ahead and play dead

Why can't you turn and face me?
Why can't you turn and face me?
Why can't you turn and face me?
Why can't you turn and face me?
You fucking disappoint me

Passive-aggressive bullshit...

Wednesday, December 14

Yes! i got an Orkut account.

Yay, i finally scored an Orkut invite. It took a while but i got one. Now i've gotta see what the hell it can do. Being invite only there is not yet alot of info on it. Just that it's google's own social networking site.
So hopefully it well help me meet some friends and make new contacts.
Christ i gotta stop sitting up late on the computer playing with all of the web app's i use and watching anime (currently Ranma 1/2 series 2).
If you'd like an invite to orkut let me know and i might be nice enough to hook you up.

Tuesday, December 13

Just a quick update.

I've just finished, creating a logo for the site.
I was having trouble picking a good picture to use for my logo, but today one of the guys at work gave me an excellent suggestion, something globally known and fits with the name, 'Barrel of Monkeys'. So i tracked down a pic of one of the monkey's and managed to find a good one (i would've taken it myself but i lost my monkeys years ago). I photoshopped it a bit and well there you have it. Make sure you tell me if it's shit and i'll see what else i can knock together.
Oh yeah i got some decent news tonight (for a change), it appears i can finally move on the 22nd. Yes i don't have to spend christmas in my trash heap of an apartment, i can have my house set up and ready (enough to live in anyway).
Now i just gotta figure out what i'm going to do for christmas and my 10 day break, i was thinking of sleeping for 10 days but i should probably do something with the time. What the hell am i going to do???

Interesting sites this week

Pandora - helps you discover more music that you'll like.
NES Stuff - Some guy with a fair bit of time on his hands has hacked his NES.
Web2.0 Validator - Claims to be able to tell you how web2.0 a site is.
ePassportPhoto - Valid passport photo’s made online.
Snarf-it: How to Remove Vocals - A guide on how to remove vocals from music.
Wayback Machine - An internet archive: see your favorite sites as they used to be.
Favicon - Create a favicon.ico for your site.
Public Domain Torrents - With downloading movies being slowly blocked online, someone has been smart enough to put up a list of Public Domain (that means free to download) movies and shows.
Portable Apps - A growing list of portable Apps for your USB flashdrive.
RSStroom Reader - Interesting device it would probably sell if someone actually made it.
Japanese Case Mod
Escher’s “Relativity” in Lego - Someone has taken the time to recreate this famous artwork with Lego, Brilliant.
The Best Web2.0 Software of 2005 - Simply put this guy has gathered info on the best of Web2.0 and compiled this list showing us what’s available.
Liveplasma - Type in a band/movie that you like and Liveplasma will show you a map of similar bands/movies, good way to find new things to listen to/watch.
Coverpop - An awesome new way to shop
Pac-Lan - Now this is gaming of the future… almost.

Monday, December 12

What i've been doing this past week

Do you have any idea how hard it is to photograph a dog who just want's to play with you. I chased Emma for 10 mins and this was the best picture i managed to capture. But i like it cause it has missy in the background too. Now i haven't posted for the last week or so because i've been busy, i've been trying to get my life at least partly organized. So i have been spending the time using some of these new web based apps to make the internet more useful.
A good place to start is with Netvibes which is a personal start page. You link it up your rss feeds, your flickr photo set, your Gmail account, and even your Writely documents can be watched from netvibes. It gives you websearch courtesy of Google, Yahoo, IceRocket & wikipedia as well as local weather, general note space, price watcher, oh yeah and can't forget a bookmarking service. Web 2.0 at it's best.
I've also managed to find a Calender service which allows you to make calendars online and either share them or keep them private. It's called CalendarHub and is worth a look. There is also Voo2do which is an online to-do list organizer that is very well set up and easy to use.
As well as those i've also managed to find an awesome site that could possibly be a contender to flickr's photo sharing reign. Boltfolio is not just for photo sharing though, it also lets you upload, tag and share all of your personal audio and video files (100Mb limit per month/unlimited storage space).
Now as well as all of those, i've been spending a hell of alot of time at Pandora which is essentially a music refferal system, you just type in the name of a song or band that you like then it will find and play similar music for you. i had managed to fall right off the music charts and had no idea what was available, with the help of Pandora i've managed to find A few new albums i'd like to purchase.
Of course i have to do all of this in my own time after work as they've blocked most of my favourite sites on the work servers.
Ok i've just realised how tired i am and that it's 12:30 so i'm signing out.

Thursday, December 1

Aeon Flux is the shit

Now how cool is Aeon Flux. A mad chick who can destroy an army in a matter of minutes, i wouldn't mind a piece of that (except she'd more than likely snap your neck if you tried to touch her). But then at the moment i would go for almost anything.
But yeah, i got started thinking about AF when i hear they were making a live action movie, but i'm dissapointed as they said it won't be as extreme as the cartoon (well honestly i doubt they could find a living woman with a body like Aeon), but i read something bout a game which should be awesome. I came across an article called History of Aeon Flux on Culture Pulp (Original Source which was a cartoon showing an interview with Aeon it's a good laugh if you were a fan of the cartoons. Speaking of the cartoons they've just released the Aeon Flux Collection on a 3disc set, i want it sooo badly.

Tuesday, November 29

Welcome to my workspace.
Nothing special, two monitors, two keyboards, two mice, speakers, transistor reference books, folders brimming with catalogue pages newsletters and other assorted information.
Lately i've been busy trying to put together the newsletter. As i've never had any expereince creating pdf's i'm not the fastest in creating them, although i do think i'm doing a pretty decent job (at least it doesn't look like shit).
I haven't heard any news on the whereabouts of my missing wallet, i'm hoping it turns up.
Just the other day i managed to purchase another book off ebay it was John Norman's Beasts of Gor (#12 in the series), which means i have all of the books in the series up to #21. I am now only missing Dancer of Gor (#22), Vagabonds of Gor (#24), Magicians of Gor (#25), and Witness of Gor (#26). Now you have to admit that i've got a pretty damn good collection for a series that's been out of print for some years now.
I gotta go finish watching this dvd, i'm in the middle of series 3 of The Slayers (yes it's probably starting to look like i'm addicted, im not really) so i'm out, till next time.

Monday, November 28

My god i was wasted last night.

I mean seriously i was gone. It had been over a month since i last got pissed, and after everything i drank last night i'm surprised i wasn't more messed up. Although i do remember an argument with a cabbie, i only came to in the middle of it so i don't even know what it was about, i do have a feeling that is has something to do with the fact that my wallet is missing. Now that is really annoying loosing your wallet then having to replace all of the cards you had (an unneccesary hassle) but then there's also the money which is not replaceable. I gotta forget about it for the moment or it's just going to annoy me. But yeah, last night ended sometime about 3 or 4 when me and a friend, who doesn't like dealing with his parents while drunk, passed out in my apartment (i never even had the chance to get changed). Ok so i should be in bed already but as usual i got held up late and am just getting ready for bed. Now see i must be really tired i couldn't even be bothered uploading an image for this post. I feel like shit and i'm going to bed.

Saturday, November 26

Motorola w/ iTunes what more could you want

Now you've gotta feel sorry for all the poor saps who ran out to buy the Motorola Rokr E1 Which ended up just being a re-release of their crappy E398 phone with iTunes installed. Why in the hell would you want one of those when you could get one of these babies, what you think it's too big to fit your pocket well then your pockets are too small get new pants. I am tempted to replace my N-gage with one of these, i think i'd look pretty stylish carrying this one.
(Just came across this pic in my random searches, here's the original source )
Anyway, im stuck at work at the moment, i'm waiting for one of the guys to finish in a meeting so i can hassle him for the images i need so i can finish up the newsletter i am working on. I managed to prepare all the pictures i had available, set up a layout and begin putting together the final copy but their meeting is taking too long (what's the bet they'll have another meeting straight after this one). Ok i gotta get back to work or i'll be here all day.

The Slayers is a damn good show!

Alright so I'm on season two of the slayers and it's really good. Although for some reason they seem to enjoy regularly dressing up their male characters in drag (????). I'm a big fan of fantasy (magic & dragons and all that) so this show is perfect. It also throws in the necessary amount of humour so as not to get boring. For example I just got to watch the main character Lina Inverse casting her signature move while wearing a cute horsey outfit. Or when they attempt to cast an divine protection spell they discovered in a temple, they wore the ceremonial outfit's and sung the words of the prayer while performing the movements as directed, only to discover that they had just sung and danced in a cute costume for nothing as they had found a book of tributary songs and dances (although the songs did sound like Japanese pop songs).
Ok I'm dying to move already (I haven't even been told when I can move into my new place, the previous owner is taking his time) I am sick of apartments I want a house already. I'm going to kill someone if I don't move soon. My current place is too overcrowded with all of my possessions e.g my arcade cabinet for use in MAME project, it's currently empty but as soon as i bust open the front doors, because of missing key i need to pop the locks, it will hopefully become a fully working mame cabinet + Jukebox. I intend to make it so i can hook up some good speakers and show it off at any party i throw (Good for music and late night drunken Mortal Kombat matches).
So i got a party to go to tomorrow night, it's a 21st for a girl i went to high school with and she has invited other people from school as well. So i get to try and show up a few dickheads i went to school with, sounds like a good night to me. I wonder if anyone else from my class has done anything with their lives? Or if they followed the general trend of my school and became dropouts (there were 37 people in my yr12 class, honestly). It is annoying that it starts at six but it's about an hour away from my place by public transport + i don't finish work till 4:00 + it takes about 30mins to walk home from work + i'll need a shower before heading out (not as bad as a metro but i do like to look good so i'm not the quickest getting ready) = Looks like i'll be late (Lucky the invitation says 6-late).
Ok it's 1:28 and i gotta be at work tommorrow so i should finish up.

Oh and respect for google's dictatorship over all knowledge. HEIL GOOGLE.

Thursday, November 24

I've Been busy lately

I've had a lot happening this last week or so. So there really hasn't been alot of time to post anything. But anyway it's about time for an update.
At work they have me working on a newsletter for our iPod accessories. I've got most of the info gathered, i just have to fix-up the pic's and prepare it all in a pdf to send away for printing. Although it takes a while to get all of that done when you have to answer the phones and update the website with new information as well as place orders for stock and take fax/email orders/enquiries.
Oh yeah, i've found a new place to live so i can finally move out of this accursed hell hole. The new place actually has a backyard so Emma is going to love it, plus the place is huge (and it's all mine). So hopefully i'll be there within the next month.
I finished with the nadesico series i was watching and started with 'the slayers' i'm already up to series 2. It's really good, i was in the mood for some fantasy and this has been a good fix.
So your probably wondering what's with the pic? not much really just saw a white (jack russel x mini foxy) puppy and was so tempted to buy it, she was sooo cute. But my emmy would get jealous if i brought another dog home. anyway it's late i'm tired and i have got to get some sleep before i pass out.

Friday, November 11

My Local Dump, umm i mean home.

Jesus christ! I mean isn't this place a shit heap. Yes that is were a live, don't you just how drab and unimpressive it is. Just thought i'd give an update on things, i mentioned in an earlier post about my pets, we'll things have changed i no longer have mortisha i managed to get my ex to take her back and missy has been soo much happier since (she even put on some weight). I'm down to one rat, as Madeline died. I've given up trying to find a new job for the time being (as long as things keep up where i am) So i'd only be willing to move for more money + less hours. Also recently i got the shits with my half organized music connection and found a link to this excellent advice on how to 'Tidy up your iTunes collection' and did what they recommended and have cleaned up my collection about 70% so far i've still got about half of the album covers to download but i'm almost there. God damn i'm jealous of these dickheads getting their cars hooked up on 'Pimp My Ride' (first night being shown here in Aus) i don't even have a car and these guys are getting the most insane things and it doesn't cost them anything. Damn i would kill for just one of those cars (If only i had my license).

Thursday, November 10

Cemetary with a Pre-School

Now up the street from me there is a small church (hence the street name 'Church St'), and it has a decent sized little graveyard in the grounds surrounding it. There's nothing strange about that... but if you look closely at this pic, you'll notice a fence within reaching distance from the headstones. If you'll look even closer you can see a wooden play house and other play equipment, as just on the other side of that extremely thin and useless fence is a pre-school. Now would you like to send your kids to this one? Would you like your kids to have to stare at headstones every time they get to play in the yard? Would you trust your kids with someone who owns a pre-school positioned on the grounds of a cemetary? It could just be me but i think 'NO!'.
On the otherhand during the daylight it is quite a nice little cemetary (despite a few random acts of vandalism) plus emma loves to run around up there. Anyway i've gotten on with watching Nadesico, i'm actually watching the last disc as we speak. After that i've only got Nadesico: The Movie to watch. then maybe it's time for a break from anime (just for a little while).
Lately i've been playing around with all these new Web 2.0 sites available i won't try and explain that for you just check The Web 2.0 Wiki if you want to know anything. Some of the best examples of Web 2.0 are Flickr and It's got alot to do with user opinions and tagging, simply put if you see some info that isn't there, just add it for anyone else who has the same problem as you. Of course there will always be some dumbarse who want's to mess things up, but thanks to recent upgrades (in the good sites) moderators can just roll back to the last good entry. Im feeling a bit tired so i better go get some sleep already.

Monday, November 7

Look out it's coming!!!

Yes it is coming, December the 25th, The 'Great' strain put on the avaerage bank account is about ready to come. Some of you have already started preparing with your shopping and all that stuff, me... well i have this USB powered christmas tree connected to my pc that flashes red/yellow. You know your all jealous of my tree. Now it's probably time to start preparing my funds so i can acually buy presents this year. Now on the other side of things i've been reading into current internet standards and found some info on Web 2.0 and found it interesting, supposedly i am already using it (this blog is an example of Web 2.0). Essentially it means your site uses features such as CSS, XML, RSS, etc. While CSS and XML have already been in use for some time RSS is a more recent emergence allowing people to subscribe to online syndications e.g. blog posts, news reports, weather updates, and even more recently video and audio. For more info check theWeb 2.0 Wiki I found it really informative + it had some helpful links. Anyway it's getting late and i got the entire series of Nadesico: Martian Successor to get through and i'm only up to episode 5.

Friday, November 4

WTF - This guy must've had a good night

Am i the only person who thinks this guy must have been brilliantly smashed when he parked this one, either that or the dickhead was locked in the parking lot after staying at the club too late drinking then decided he'd drive over the wall.

Monday, October 10

Missy & Her Pod

I haven't been online much lately so this blog hasn't had an update for a little while now.
What do i have to say, recently work has been driving me up the wall, my boss took off to china yesterday for a trade show, so i get to handle alot of his work while he's gone (as if i didn't already have enough). I finally gave in and bought an iPod photo 20gb (so far i have 7.9 days of music on it, i wonder how much i can fit before i fill it). I took a quick pic of missy playing with my iPod headphones about 5mins ago and thought i'd stick it up here for anyone who can be bothered to see it.
I haven't been doing alot lately, i am finally starting to see things clearly though. I have been suffering at my current job working six days for minimal pay, so i started applying for some new jobs. Already i've had a call from Domayne who are opening a new shop at North Ryde, and i have an interview tomorrow evening. So i hope i do well at this, if not i'll always find something else. So if anyone is actually reading this wish me luck. Anyway, i'm kinda hungry so i'm gonna go check what i have in the kitchen (hopefully something as i haven't done the shopping yet).

Wednesday, August 10

My Old Tag

My god i cannot believe it was still there... I went to the shopping centre i used to 'hang out' at, and straight after parking the car i realised we were about 5 meters from the stairwell i had specifically used for putting up graffiti more than 4 years ago. I could not help myself i had to run in, and what do you know it there it was. So i pulled out my trusty ipaq and took a pic so i could post it. anyway i haven't posted alot cause life has been a little busy lately. We are mindlessly busy at work between answering phones and trying to get things organized so the catalogue can go to print. Anyway i'll try and make sure i keep posting. Later...

Friday, July 29

God Damn That's Cute!!!

I felt everyone would benefit from this picture of my babies. Missy (full name 'Miss Kitty' my domestic shorthair), and Emma my puppy (Jack Russell X Mini Foxy - so cute) cuddled up together on the futon. Everyone should have pets. This pic doesn't show all of the pets at my house, there is still Mortisha the (white) domestic longhair, the 2 (left from 4 original) rats madeline and sandy, as well as the fish tank that's all... I think.
So anyway, pretty boring day at work (but when isn't it). It's friday night and i still gotta work tomorrow, 6 days a week is a bitch. Although tomorrow i get to test a new gps device with my ipaq rx3715 (you know your jealous) although getting software to check it is a pain in the ass.
Hopefully i'll find something in my searching tonight.
Still haven't had any one skype me. Can someone pretty please just download it and skype me (or even give me your details and i'll skype you), i just want to see what the quality is like. I installed Skype on my pc and PocketSkype on my ipaq (prob use more of pocketskype to keep memory free on my pc).
Anyway i got nothing more to say for the moment.

Thursday, July 28

Brand New Blog

What am i doing setting up a blog at 11:41pm i should be in bed sleeping already so im not messed up at work tomorrow. This is my first ever blog wow what a wonderful thing, i thought i'd try all the new things to do online (as i stopped being a net nerd a few years back).
I just downloaded skype which is an awesome program for anyone out there currently using msn icq aol or one of the several others, it's essentially the same thing except they have set it up more like VoIP, for those of you who got no idea what that is it's pretty much a telephone program for anyone with broadband. Being run over the internet it means free skype2skype voice calls (worldwide).
Heres my Skype contact details for anyone interested