Tuesday, July 11

Man turns paper clip into house

A canadian man (Kyle Macdonald) who had apparently intended to use the internet to trade a paperclip... up to a house. He started with one red paperclip, which was traded for a pen in the shape of a fish, which in turn was traded for a novelty doorknob, then a camping stove, then a generator. Next was a keg of beer with a neon sign dubbed an "instant party kit", that was traded for a snowmobile, which was traded for a holiday in British Columbia. The holiday went for a van, which scored him a recording contract, which was traded for a year of rent-free living in a house in Phoenix, Arizona. Of course he wasn't happy with just that so he traded in the rent-free deal for an afternoon with rock legend Alice Cooper, and for some reason traded that in for a snowglobe. It must have been a rare globe as it was exchanged for a paid role in a new movie by TV actor Corbin Bernson. Then the town of Kipling, Saskatchewan gave him a house in their town so that one of them could be in a movie. Now the man is planning his move to kipling, where he has never even been before. You can check out Kyle's blog One Red Paper Clip blog for more info.

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