Tuesday, July 11

Pixel Groovy & Zooomr

A couple of new sites that I discovered today.
Pixel Groovy
, which is like Digg for design. You just groove any interesting design tutorial you come across. They cover photoshop, gimp, flash, 3D studio max, as well as AJAX and CSS. If it has to do with design it'll most likely be here.
The other site i started using was;
Zooomr, is a great photosharing site and possible serious competitor to flickr. Hell Zooomr let's you do all the standard tagging and sharing that flickr does, it also track's if anyone else is using your pic's on their site with trackbacks. Yes flickr still currently has more features, but Zooomr makes geotagging your images easy (w/ Google maps integration). Also if you happen to be a blogger they are currently offering a free upgrade to pro (meaning unlimited storage space @ 2Gb p/month upload limit) So get over there and sign up now.


Belinda said...

very cool, thanks for the notice.

i have blogged again by the way come check it out and comment away!

Anonymous said...

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