Wednesday, May 23

Don't worry I'm not dead!!

Yes, i have been off line for some time now and thought i should drop an update for my readers. During the last month or so alot has happened... Lot's of parties (as usual), plus some good as well as alot of bad.
Of all the parties i've been to since my last post there where 2 that stand out over the rest, The Playground Weekender (a 3 day camping festival) & Smirnoff Experience (a secret party all at Smirnoffs expense... Soo much free vodka, Yay!!!).
On the other side of things i started working in a kitchen (thanks for that Tim), and lost the job due to my complete incompetence with cooking & cleaning (sorry to have to tell you that girls, hey at least i have other qualities). But i managed to score myself a new job working for the NAB (National Australia Bank), i'm working as a banker in their call centre still currently finishing my training program with them but we started taking our first phone calls earlier today. It's a good job with some great benefits, nice people (and good pay of course).
During all of this something happened to me that greatly upset me... One night while going out to see a band i was drugged and robbed... They took my camera and my iPod, without music or photo's my life has seemed empty (anyone who has read my blog can probably tell this already). But i may be getting a loan to replace the camera this weekend, i cannot wait to get my hands on it.
Hopefully i should be back up online real soon, i've got a lot of blogs to read (sorry if you own one of the blogs i comment on regularly, i've got a lot of comments to put up), posts to make, and photo's to upload. So keep an eye on this page and i'll update as i get more info.
Much love to all my readers.
The SexyNinjaMonkey Is Not Dead!!!

Tuesday, March 6

HoGo Trial

Wen't for a trial party shoot run with the HoboGestapo team last week, these guy's are some fun photographers. Not sure whether or not i'm in yet, should find out soon.
Went to The Lair again last thursday... No pic's again. But here's som more funky shot's i got while out during the week.


I'm in love with this Spider shot taken last sunday when i stepped out of the house, very hard shot cause the wind was strong and the web was swinging like crazy. Plus a couple of experimentation shot's i was tooling with during the week.

Tuesday, February 27

Electrik F*cken Circus

Catching up on the blog posts from last weekend now. There were the usual Brag shots (above), and some funky shot's from my friends Electrik Circus night (below).

America's Most Wanted

Last friday i was out at Sydney Olympic Park for 'America's Most Wanted' Hip-Hop tour. Was actually on the door for saturday night, but had to be elsewhere on saturday. So i showed up and managed to b/s my way in. Just took a phone call and some talking to security and the door guys. But once inside i discovered a pretty small crowd... Much smaller than you'd be expecting with the acts that were playing. Come on, i mean 'Bone Thugs & Harmony' and 'Tha Dogg Pound'... I swear there were more diamonds at this concert than you'd find in an overpriced boutique jewellery store. Oh well, even though the crowd was relatively small (due to the location and starting time of 7pm mainly), it was a pretty good show. I even got to spend a little time backstage because my friend Heywire Beatbox was one of the supporting acts.

Tuesday, February 20

Snoop Dogg @ Good Vibes & Brag Shoots

Saturday was spent at Good Vibrations Festival in Centennial Park, as most festivals are it was an awesome day. I went with my friend's Sam, Dee & Heywire... But walked off shortly after getting there and went around meeting up with heaps of other people. I even met up with an old friend Mark Russell (who i used to be in cub scouts with when we were like 10), spent half the day with new friends, ran into lots of my regular party animal friends, and then rejoined with my crew at the end of the day. But what really went off was when Snoop Dogg made his appearance, now i'm not a big Hip-Hop fan but come on, It's the Dogg. He even managed to get someone to toss him a blunt on stage so he could have a smoke. After the show i dropped back to Sam's for a bit before heading out to the clubs for the night to do my Brag shoots. This week i had the Starf*ckers UV Rave down @ Club 77, Great Vibrations @ Candy's Apartment, Beware Of The Cat @ YU, & Moulin Nights @ Moulin Rouge. And every single one was a sweat box , overpacked with people still wanting to carry on the party after having been at Good Vibes. Club 77 was actually soo bad i only spent like 2mins cause i was worried about moisture in my camera, hell to get in there i had to talk my way in, police had stopped them from letting anyone in due to too many people inside...

The Lair Then a Burlesque Club

Went to MTV's The Lair again last week, and of course wasn't allowed to take photo's again... So here's some dead plants i took a picture of on the way there. It was fun, they had Something for Kate, Bliss N Eso, Children Colide, & Fait Accompli... and as always free jager and red bull ;P
Friday night i actually shot a Burlesque club, it was for the opening of a new photography website It was a lot of fun and i got some funky pics out of it. There were live performances by Glita Supernova and Sex Intents the Gurlesque show (Lesbian stripshow), Mz Anne Thropik, Pluto Savage, Celia Curtis, Bone Daddy, Cop It Sweet The Tranny Cop Army, Kelly Doll, Man Jam Performers, Scarlet Fever, and possibly even some more in there. But yeah, pretty good night with some great shows.

Thursday, February 15

Redfern Riots Anniversary

I was dropping around to see my friend yesterday and as i stepped out of Redfern station i saw a whole group of Aboriginals standing outside the police station with flags, banners and screaming protests. It was the anniversary of the Redfern riots, the riot that broke out due to the death of 17yo T.J. Hickey, originally blamed on police but an inquest proved otherwise. Of course today, most of the Aboriginals living in Redfern's 'The Block' still blame the police and gather yearly to remember the day with protests.
Afterwards, i kinda just wandered around taking photo's randomly for a while. Here's some of the better ones i took during the day. Oh and if you haven't noticed, i'm single so i don't celebrate valentines day... I hope you all choke on those chocolates (bitter singleness coming out).

Wednesday, February 14

Dirty Double & Dawn over Oxford St

Because i was soo late getting home on saturday, i wound up sleeping till about 8pm, then leaving the house around 11.30. Saturday night i only really had on one shoot, I was taking pics for 'Dirty Double' the DJ duo up at Havana on Oxford St. Afterwards, i dropped by Brighton Bar afterwards to hang with Maxi, Kate, Willis & the rest of the rockers for a while. We wound up going for a bit of a pub crawl and until about 5-5.30 when i met up with Heywire and we made our way over to Spice @ Kings Cross. On the way i was stopped by a lady who was pointing out how nice the sky looked... So i pulled out my camera and took a couple of Snaps. We spent a chunk of the morning at Spice before heading back to Sam & Heywire's place where we polished off 2 bottles of wine. Then at about 1pm, i was picked up by my parrents to go to a photo exhibition (while still somewhat trashed... wearing a flashy purple shirt & dark glasses).

5 Shoots For Brag

So last friday was pretty full-on. Wound up doing 5 shoots for brag. First stop was at The Annandale Hotel for some indie rock. Then it was onto The Lewisham Hotel for 'AbductionX', a death metal night (though the music there was just too angry for me... Yes i know i listened to that stuff all the way through high-school, but i just can't handle it anymore. Don't get me wrong i still like heavy metal, but death metal is just really violent music). After all that it was off to Kings Cross for a couple more shoots. I knocked The World Bar & Melt Bar out of the way quickly before heading down to The Brighton Bar on Oxford St to catch up with friends (and to see Shea before she wen't back to Melbourne). After that i went back up to The Cross to take some pic's at Parliament. Unfortunately, there weren't many people and the venue closed early. Oh well, because of the early closing we wound up going back to my friends place to Kick-on. I didn't actually get home till around 1.00pm saturday arvo.