Monday, July 31

Photo's in the park at night

DSC_0017I took these photo's last saturday night over at Victoria Park in Glebe, just before heading over to Bar Broadway. I tried to go for something a bit more interesting this time. I made it so that the shutter would stay open for longer than necessary. i wanted to have the blur of the traffic in the background of the shot.

DSC_0016These kind of shots are only useful at night, as there is too much light in the day. Oh yeah, i should also mention that keeping your camera steady in a shot like this can be extremely difficult when you don't yet have a tripod. But hey they don't look too badly blurred. What do you think?


秋の猫 said...

You're good with photos and I love that~~!! :D

Keep it up~!!

Belinda said...

the photos are great