Sunday, April 30

My New Apple iBook

I finally got it today. Here it is, my 14" Apple iBook G4. Stylish... Pricey... But still Stylish. I can't wait to finish properly setting it all up (i.e. copying over my mp3's and setting up a Wi-fi connection). One of the coolest thing's is that my MYST game's will run on this little baby. So i've already installed 'End of Ages' so i can finally get around to playing it (My pc is to messed up to handle it). Hopefully soon i can retire my PC to a less stressful life in an arcade machine.

Fantasy Glades - Port Macquarie

Having been born in Port Macquarie, I was one of the lucky children who got to go to Fantasy Glades. It was a theme park in Port Macquarie with alot of 'Disney'esque attractions (As you can see in the above pic). The picture shown here is actually on the back of a Jokers card we found at Bec's place while cleaning out some boxes and my god it brought back some memories. Apparently it was originally owned and built by a midget couple who sold it some years later. But a few years back the place was closed down due to the owners lack of interest (I read a rumour of a possible re-opening in a new location but no idea where or when). Keep an eye out for it's reopening as it was such an amazing place for young children.
I have had pointed out to me in the comments a wiki entry for Fantasy Glades.

Missy and Emma cuddled up.

It's 2am sunday morning, and i should probably be in bed but here i am after a couple of Smirnoff 'Black Ice's and a few cone's half passing out but still striving on. Even my girls Emma and Missy think i'm crazy and have gone to sleep on the couch, since taking this pic emma has managed to squirm halfway under the green blanket, so her butt sticks out the back. But yeah, i'm getting picked up at 9:30 tomorrow morning to go shopping, so i should go to bed now. Hopefully i'll have my laptop by tomorrow night.

Hanging with Katherine

Katherine came over tonight for dinner and a dvd. She was a little freaked about coming over because last time Emma wouldn't stop barking at her... this time she wouldn't stop trying to play with her and lick her so it prob wont be an issue next time. We got some pizza from a place around the corner called 'La Candela' and discovered the best pizza place in my area, seriously i'm sick of meatlovers pizza's that lack in meat. This one had soo much meat it become difficult to keep it all on the slice while eating it, but hey damn it was good.

StripGenerator - Make Your Own Cartoon Strip's

Found this great little flash based app today. StripGenerator it allow's you to select from the set of character's and object's that they have available and add speech to make your own comic strips. The strip above is one i quickly knocked together.

C/C came in the mail

I've been trying to get one of these things for some time but was unable to due to a bad credit rating (which has of course been sorted out). Now i can finally get my 14" iBook. Im probably getting it tommorrow morning from the friendly people at the Apple shop. Then all i need is to set up my Wi-fi connection and i can start posting from bed (you know your jealous).

Got my PS2 back

Ok so after about 6 months of modchip testing my playstation 2 is finally nestled comfortably next to my television (unfortunately no modchip worked so 6 months got nothing). But anyway nothing to fret about you can all calm down it's back in my possession I can once more play GTA.

Wednesday, April 26

Requiem for a Dream - Why did i watch it again

Ok, is there more depressing movie. I sat down with bec the other night to watch a movie... she want's to watch Requiem for a Dream... i seriously cannot believe she bought that movie. We watched it once, and by the end of it you want to either vomit or kill yourself. So there we are watching Requiem, about halfway through i can't take it anymore because i know where it's going and i don't want to wind up in tears. So i flicked on my Nintendo DS and played Some Final Fantasy: Tactics, nice way to numb the mind from the soul crushing movie being played. Seriously anyone who enjoy's this movie is sick in the head and should check themselves in for a mental evaluation at once.

I'm Baack

Ok, after spending Tuesday night with Bec and jeren at their new place and sleeping in till 1pm the next afternoon, getting home late and going to bed i kinda missed a few posts. But it was worth it. I mean who doesn't like being alone in a house with two women. The only complaints i have where that they didn't have a fridge so i didn't get breakfast, the trainline being so close (and noisy), and the retarded child care next door that has someone screaming and banging on the walls a few times a day... Oh yeah and the total lack of proper shop's nearby, Not everyone eats kebabs (i guess it explains why it was so cheap). Other than that it is a nice place they have and it is good sized so they can fit all of their junk in, plus it's right near Arncliffe station (if that's a good thing).

Sunday, April 23

Helping the girls move

So Bec and Jeren managed to get themselves a place to rent over at Arncliffe. I got myself roped into helping Bec move all of her furniture over there today... that meant being up at 7:30 on a freaking sunday. We managed to get it all into her place just after midday. Of course now im fucked and just want to go to bed, even though it's only 10:30... i really don't want to go to work tomorrow but it is Anzac day on tuesday so i get that day off (love public holiday's). i think i'm supposed to be staying at the girls house tomorrow night so i may miss out posting tomorrow night. i will see what i can do (maybe there'll be an internet cafe amongst the shops near their place).

Lost Episodes of Ren and Stimpy

John K. must've been feeling pretty nice recently as he posted some clips from the upcoming dvd 'Lost Episodes of Ren and Stimpy' you can view the clips here and here. While your at it just check out John K.'s blog 'all kinds of stuff', it's a great read especially if your a cartoonist... unfortunately i have absolutely no skill in that area my design sense is a little off (you've probably already noticed this if your looking at my site).

Pimp My Snack - Stylez for your tastebuds

I came across this site today, Now if you want a snack you could alays get a mars bar, but if you like your snacks pimped out try the Giant Mars Bar. Do you like rolo's those awesome little caramel filled chocolates... then try a King Rolo if you can actually fit one of these things in your mouth (entirely) i would be a little freaked out by you. It's not all chocolate either there is also a 'giant' tuna sushi roll, and not all of them work out as planned as shown in the creme egg disaster. But i think my favourite is the Jammie Wagon Wheel SXi. Seriously just try and look at these without drooling.

Saturday, April 22

Sekonic L-8 Exposure Meter

I was helping Bec clean out her old place today (her and Jeren found a place to rent), while we were sorting things i found this cool little device hidden amongst the piles of stuff. I wasn't sure what it was at first, but with a little bit of playing around discovered that it was some sort of light meter (the dial shot up when there was good lighting). Bec was nice enought to let me keep it to. It is a Sekonic L-8, which doesn't seem like anything special (apparently has trouble in low lighting situations), but hey i could make use of it and it was free. Actually the coolest thing about this gizmo is that it takes no batteries whatsoever. Which is great as everything else i own requires batteries or a 240v power outlet so i will always welcome non-powered devices.

Further proof on my pets

See, here is just more evidence that my pets are acting strange. Here is Jeren pratically asleep on my couch with Missy next to her head and Emma curled up near her arse. I mean what the hell. Only two weeks ago, Emma would start barking at jeren if she got too close. Now look at them. I can't get over it, with my old roomate she never got used to him (even after 6 months) Emma would go off at him everytime he walked past, but it turned out she was right and he was a freaking weirdo. Hopefully it's because these are nice people, i may have some decent new friends. Oh and incase anyone is wondering, that is my butt you can see on the right so really Jeren is surrounded by animals (Cat, Dog, & SexyNinjaMonkey)

My pets are acting strange

This is my cat Missy, curled up in the lap of my housemate Ian. This is incredibly strange as my pets usually don't do this with anyone. Emma more than Missy but even she has been playing with him (she usually barks at everyone). This just has me in shock as well as a few other people I know. Bec especially was shocked which is why she had to take this pic with her 6230i.

Friday, April 21

Beware of Dog!!

Im thinking of getting this posted out the front of my place.

McDonald's hamburger recipes

Why bother ever eating at McDonald's again, when you can make your own. With some original style recipes for McDonald's food. You know you want some homemade Quarter Pounders.

"Searing The Beef Patties
A very important step to recreating the McDonald's burger flavor is searing them properly. Searing is the process of applying pressure to the frozen patties as they cook on the griddle. This is done about 20 seconds after laying the patties on the grill by pressing down with the back of a spatula, while adding pressure from your free hand. Press down firmly for about 2-3 seconds on regular sized patties, and 5-6 seconds on quarter pound patties. Searing seals in the juices and flavors. But it also makes the burger hard to turn. Properly seared patties will stick to the griddle, and you must actually "cut" the meat off of the surface as you turn them. Non-stick surfaces help, but they also make it hard to get the even dark searing you need for great McBurgers. I suggest a cooking surface that is not non-stick... and a very strong, sharp spatula."

Directions straight from the site.

You Are lame!!

Ok Nearly pissed myself laughing at this one. is a generator that allows you to tell someone how lame they are simply add their name before the URL and give them the link. i.e. and let the fun begin. We all just sat around entering everyone's name's and laughing at what the site had to say.

Queen - Princes of the Universe

Gotta love Queen
I am Immortal I have inside me blood of kings
Courtesy of Google Video

The Bubble Project

According to the website these guys printed out 30,000 of these bubbles... then proceeded to stick them ontop of advertisements all over New york City. Passersby filled many of them in and then they went around photographing the result's. And thus you have the bubble project. Pretty great idea they had, wish i'd thought of that one. Anyway they had some pretty funny result's (plus alot of anti Bush quotes, but hey who could blame them). Check out the site read some of the bubbles or even download the templates and print your own bubbles.

Thursday, April 20

Omnidrive - Online File Access BETA

So someone at Omnidrive obviously caught my post the other day and felt some sympathy for me. But thankyou for the invite. I got the chance to play with it today, and it seems like a pretty great service. I'm currently uploading some vid's to see what functionality they offer, i already uploaded 'Ice ice baby' and discovered i could stream it directly from the site (excellent idea). I have downloaded the desktop app to see how it works. So far it's looking good, i'll update this post when i know more.

Wednesday, April 19

Red Silk Lampshade.

So for anyone who wanted to see the cool red silk lampshade i mentioned in my last post. Here it is. This was another present i got with the silk robe, from my parents back when they went to vietnam. Pretty Awesome looking isn't it, i just love the eerie red glow it gives my bedroom. More like a cool sex dungeon than a Taiwanese Brothel.

My bedroom... A Brothel???

So Both Bec and Ian have decided that my bedroom looks like a room in a Taiwanese Brothel. I don't think so, but i guess the red glow from my red silk lampshade does help a little. Bec and Emma couldn't help but pose for a photo in my room (Emma's the dog with the evil glowing eye's incase you didn't figure that out). Unfortunately my camera's flash get's rid of the red light (it's too blurry with flash off cheapo digicam) but it does have an eerie red glow.

Old friends

So getting your name out there can be a really good idea. I just recieved a message on myspace from someone i have not seen since i was... (honestly cannot remember how old), But jesus she's kinda hot now. Not that i would usually go for a younger girl but hey, i know her and she got really hot too. Our parents were friends and she was friends with my sister, Chiara and her sister Ilaria had moved to NZ with their parents when i was like 8 or 9. And we visited them over there once. Hopefully i'll get to catch up with her soon.

Tuesday, April 18

Neopets, what an addiction that was.

So did anyone actually miss the whole neopets addiction? I remember about 4-5 years back, playing games to score neopoints, so that i could spend them in the neopian shop's on my neopet 'Bloodwarrior' (He was a lupe, a cool wolf like creature). Amazing how long you can spend exploring neopia to find new games and solve clues to get new items that my neopet could play with or use. They even stretched it out to the neopian stock exchange where people could use their np's to buy and sell share's in neopet's based companies (rotfl). But christ it was big, i'm sure they'd have close to a billion users by now. Great for ages 6-16 but for anyone else it can be a little tedious. But the guy who came up with this is a genius he now has advertiser's galore paying him piles of cash, there was even a playstation game, and supposedly something about a tv series. Doesn't it make you sick, why can't i have that money.

Waiting for Beta List.

I was just looking over the list of site's i have my name down for BETA, there is a few i'm waiting for. Currently have no idea of when i get to use them. Anyway here they all are in no particular order.

-Fleck - Web Democracy
-OmniDrive - File Access anywhere anytime and from any platform.
-Plum - Collect share connect
-Colib - Your book's, music $ video's tagged
-Run Fat Boy - Easy to use workout system for beginners
-Diffbot - May cause you to change the way you use the web
-Makidi - Where you looking for me
-Tangler - Building the next generation in internet messaging
-Blurb - Start to finish publishing software
-Measure Map - Provides free, easy stats for your blog

So come on how about some idea's on when you'll be ready for use. Im dying to see what half of these apps can actually do.

Monday, April 17

Ninja Monkey Mascot

Ok, Bec was being nice today at the show and bought me a Monkey beanie baby. So it shall now become My 'Ninja Monkey Mascot'. He even has his temporary 'paddle pop' staff. I will have to see what modifications i can make so that he looks more like a Ninja Monkey. Suggestions would be helpful.

Catch your own Crayfish

At the easter show there was a stand saying 'Catch your own crayfish $10' Bec saw that, now there are two of them in my tank. But hey they are pretty cool and evil looking. Queensland Red Claw Crayfish according to the wiki they can reach up to 600g. Heh heh, when they're grown i could make two decent dinners or one good meal.

VAIG pic # 5

The fifth pic is being posted. This one is of that filthy hot woman Sexy Bec.

Previous Pics:
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-Pic #4

Cheese On A Stick!!

Heh, heh. Need i say more. You know you want cheese on a stick.
Fresh from Sydney Royal Easter Show.

Bilby, WTF are they!

Ok so at the easter show today, i saw a tent saying 'Live Bilby inside' and i thought WTF is a Bilby. Apparently, it's closely related to the bandicoot. Check the wiki if you want to know more. Here is a low res pic of two Bilby's sleeping that i took with my PDA.

Sydney Royal Easter show today!!

So we made it to the easter show today... My god, is it just me or has the Sydney Royal easter Show progressively got worse over the last six or seven years. Ok, when your 5 the animal's are interesting, up until about 14-15 the showbag pavillion can be a great source of fun, But they haven't got a whole lot of stuff to cover 17 and up really. I wound up wandering around for a few hours looking at things. Not alot to really see (except for lots of incredibly attractive women). I only picked up one showbag (Darrell Lea 'Pig Out' Bag). I managed to score some cheap perfume as well, 'Success' an alternative to Hugo Boss, and for only $5 (and it smells good too, not just like alcohol and musk, lol). But as i was saying the show was really designed for children and the agriculturally minded. But hey at least it had a pony ride.

Sunday, April 16

Lacuna Coil - Senzafine

Scorre lento il tuo tempo
Che scivola sul velo della mia pella nuda
Se oltrepassassi il confine che mi hai dato
Forse io non sarei qui

Ma adesso ormai che senso ha
Cercare di abbracciare un passato piu puro
Guardando avanti rischierò
Ma riesco a rispondere ai miei perchè

Tutto ciò che sarai
Era già stato scritto
Se davvero esiste
Questo dio ha fallito

Ogni parola pronunciata
Sarà lo specchio del tuo dolore
Riflette la colpa
Alimenta l'odio


Il mio destino scelgo
Se riesco a resistere

Sono ancora in piedi in questo istante di pura follia
Non so più se desiderare il bene o il male
Anche se il peccato forse piu mi da

Da adesso ormai che senso ha
Opporre resistenza ad un destino segnato
Non resterò a guardare senza
Riuscire a resisterti


Il mio destino scelgo
Se riesco a resistere


Non c'e scelta senza me
Non c'e vita senza me

English Translation:

My time moves slowly
Gliding across the veil of my nude skin
If I should cross the border you made for me
maybe i would not be here

But not what sense does it make
To try and embrace a more pristine past
looking forward I will take the risk
but I'll find answers to my why's

All that you will be
has already been written
If he truly exists
This god has failed

Every word pronouned
Will be the mirror of your pain
reflecting the blame
Feeding the hate


I'll choose my destiny
If I'm able to resist

I am still standing in this moment of pure madness
I don't know anymore if I should desire good or evil
Although sin maybe gives me more

But now what sense does it make
To try to resist a written destiny
I'm not going to sit back and watch
Without trying to resist you

Waking me up


I'll choose my destiny
If I'm able to resist

Waking me up

There's no choice without me
There's no life without me

VAIG pic #4

Ok so i've posted a few of the pic's from the VAIG set now. How about letting me know what you think.

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-Pic #3

Happy Easter, Love Bec.

Here is my easter present from Sexy Bec... Pity she wasn't willing to dress like this for me. We are off to the show tomorrow so i tried to get her to be back here early so we could get up in the morning. She left here at lunch to go on a date and told me she'd be back early (of course silly me assume's early would mean before 10pm) so i spent the last hour trying to call her only to find out she's been in the cinema's... Thank's for msg'ing me so i wouldn't be waiting around for you. God damn women, you guy's know you are a pain in the arse sometimes.

Mozy - 2Gb free storage

Mozy is a free service offering 2Gb of storage space online (it does require a small 1.4Mb file download for remote backup program) no ads, no fee's, nothing like that. It appears to me that they are just free. This is perfect for documents and photo's thtat you need to have access to from any (web connected) computer So sign up to Mozy and get your free 2Gb online storage today. Make sure you mention the referal code 82QUS6 to help me out.
An update from Mozy, if you sign up with the referal code 82QUS6, you will get an extra 256Mb of storage space.

Happy Easter!!

Yes once more it is easter. The day when a bunny rabbit was crucified for our sin's and the next morning we found chocolate egg's in his tomb. Here's a pic of my chocolate stash. Tomorrow i'm taking Bec to the Sydney Royal Easter Show hopefully it won't be too packed.
Happy Easter everyone.

VAIG pic #3

So here is pic number 3 from the VAIG series. How fucking beautiful did bec look in this set. I mean seriously.

Previous Pics:
-Pic #1
-Pic #2

Friday Night Date

Nothing special, but managed to score myself a date on Friday night. Jeren agreed to go out with me. We ended up at Seoul-Ria for Soju again and ended up having a pretty damn good night (even though the bottleshops were closed). Unfortunately, she told me that we can't go any further as she is more than likely going to be roomates with my ex. God dammit i met her first, and i'm not an idiot i did check if my ex (who is still a great friend) was cool with me going out with Jeren before i even asked her out, i didn't want to cause any problems for them. But anyway i guess i'll have to keep looking (which is too bad cause i liked her), oh well at least i got a friend out of it.

ClaimID - Manage your online Identity

ClaimID is a service that lets you manage your online identity. Ok, so put simply... There is probably a fair bit of crap online that is about you (if your like me you'll get a few google results for your name). This site is supposed to help you organize the stuff that is actually related to you. You just add the bookmarklet, and then google yourself, then just use the bookmarklet on all the results that relate to you and sort them the way you want. Sounds pretty easy, i have had a quick go at it and it seems easy enough to use. but it is currently in Beta so you'll have to jump on the waiting list.

60's night at Dimitri's

Unfortunately i didn't take my camera so i didn't get any pic's, but when i got home from work thursday afternoon Bec showed up and told me we were going to 60's night. Her friends had gotten their hands on a room (w/ bar) above a greek restaurant, and set up a club. Wasn't alot of people there, but it was still pretty fun. Unfortunately i had to leave kind of early... because of Sydney trains hideous timetable. I'm hoping they run it again because it could be more fun if i get more sleep before hand.

VAIG pic #2

Here is the next image from the VAIG series we had taken. This one is just a pic of me.

Previous Pics:
-Pic #1

Google Calendar Is Released

It has finally happened. Google has released their calander. They were even nice enough to include gmail integration, so now if someone sends you an invite via email, you can add it to your calendar just by clicking a button. It can even use google maps service to add a map if you like. It is quite easy to use, as well as to migrate to i.e. You can upload info from your iCal, Outlook, or Yahoo calendar with ease. It allows public sharing as well as notification by email or sms. But it looks like it will be a great app once it's out of Beta.

Wednesday, April 12

Sexy Pic's

Bec gave me some old pic's we had taken about 2 years ago at VAIG studio's. There are a few more and i will post them over the next week or so. Keep an eye out for them.

Cats In Sinks

What is Cat's in Sinks. It's Obvious. It's about cats. And kittens. Who like sinks. And basins.
Or so the website says.
But what the hell is that with cat's and bloody sinks, here's a pic of my girl Missy in the sink at my last place doesn't she look comfortable... well not really but hey that's a cat for you.
So anyway check out Catsinsinks to get your fill of... well cats in sinks.

Tuesday, April 11

My first tattoo (never before posted)

I just noticed that i had not posted any pic's showing off my tattoo's. Here is a slightly blurry image of the tat on my right upper arm, I got bec to take it but she was a tad stoned so here you go. Blurry digital shot (courtesy of Bec). This was actually my 16th birthday present from my parents. And i didn't pick it off a wall, my parents refused to take me unless i knew exactly what i wanted (this was my design). Nothing fancy but hey i'm still working on the design (and the funds) for my next work of art hopefully a full back piece... Dragon Wings if i can get them done properly. I do have another tattoo but you can wait to see that one.

Monday, April 10

Emma Doll (Jack Russel X Mini Foxy)

I just realised i have not posted a pic of my favourite girl in the world for some time. So here is a current pic of the baby girl. She is half asleep next to me on the couch and i'm annoying her trying to take a pic. Oh well poor diddum's, just like missy she's loving my new house. She love's all the space to run around, as well as having her own backyard to run around. So yeah it seem's everyone is enjoying it here at the new house. Emma seems to be getting used to the new housemate already.

A new look

Ok, so my beard has been getting pretty scruffy lately. So sunday morning befor gong out i grabbed up my trimmer and started taking it off... part way through i decided to style it differently for a change, so as you can see in the pic i went for something a bit more appealing, and more suited to a sexy beast like me. What do you think... Any comments?

Shopping with Bec and Jeren

I wan't shopping on sunday with 2 sexy girls, Bec and Jeren. We headed over to Burwood mall and had a look around. I hadn't even realized Ren & Stimpy had been released on DVD, so of course it now reside's in my collection... What it's the complete first and second seasons, and i'm also a reader of John K's blog. I also scored a B-52's cd, you know you want one. As if you don't get up and sing along everytime 'loveshack' comes on at the club.
Later that day i asked Jeren if she would like to go out with me... i believe i got a definate maybe :( Oh well wish me luck.

Sunday, April 9

Happines is the life of a cat

Ever since we moved into my new place, Missy has had free accessto the garden. So she has spent most of her time wandering around my yard (and my neighbours yard), she even helped finish of the small rat infestation out the back of my neighbours place (he is grateful for that). Missy discovered how to get on the roof, so she get's up there and fights with the neighbourhood cat's and comes back with injuries (currently limping). But she still love's to play with Emma every now and then.

Sexy Bec got a Quail

Ok, bec picked me up from work the other day and she had a friend in the car Jeren, and they were sitting there holding a little box... 'What the hell have you brought now' was the first thing i said. Turn's out it was a little Quail... but i'm going to need two if i want to try and get a decent meal out of them. The thing just took a flying leap from my shoulder and tried to get up to my roof for some reason.
Stupid Bird, heh heh.

Saturday, April 8

Drunk on Soju

So we went to Seoul-Ria tonight (for Ian's birthday yesterday). It's a Korean restaurant... I had never eaten Korean before so wasn't sure what i was up for, but turn's out it was good. I had a dish called Teri Yaki (i'll give you one guess as to what that is). I felt like something interesting to drink so i chose Lemon Soju, they brought it out in a teapot (i looked inside and it was just clear liquid with lemon's floating in it), i tried a bit and it tasted like a really good vodka (even though it's rice based). So i managed to finish the teapot by myself and even now 4 hours later i am feeling the effects of it. I think i have a new favourite alcoholic beverage... Soju. Oh yeah, the restaurant was serving Gelato for dessert, a Korean restaurant serving Italian dessert's... Ok, am I the only one who thinks that's a bit weird? Oh well the food was pretty good.

Thursday, April 6

Jim won the bet

Ok i came across this site tonight, Help Win My Bet.
This guy jim has managed to get his girlfriend to agree to a menage-a -trois (with another woman of course), she signed a contract and everything, if he can make a sit that get's 2,000,000 hit's before 1st april 2007.
So Jim put his site together and Not 10min's ago he hit 2,000,000 so guess what allison you got to get nasty now. Hope you enjoy your threesome Jim (I can higly recommend them ;). Hey maybe you should make another bet... 10,000,000 hit's and we get some topless pic's on the site (if only).
I must say well done. Glad i could help.

Attack of the 50ft Grub

Walking to work this morning i almost vomited down the front of myself when i saw this giant grub squirming on the sidewalk. (Ok so it's not 50ft) but it was goddam huge.
I didn't have any power in my digicam so i whipped out my PDA and snapped a quick shot of the thing.
Unfortunately in the rush to get to work i didn't get my finger close enough to show how big it really was but just picture it my finger is about 10cm away from the thing and the PDA is about another 10cm back from that. And it was grossly writhing on the sidewalk. Yeeeaaarrghhhh, shit now i gotta clean that up.

Wednesday, April 5

Just an Update

So my number of readers has been growing over the last few weeks. Thank's mainly to anyone who has posted a link to my page, most Respect to you guys.
Recently on godBlog the Official Internet Domicile of God.
And my favourite linkin from the blog.
There's a link from upadhyay of on his delicious list.
There's the Australian Directory.
Hey i'm even listed on
I was checking my metric's on and was glad to see a steady increase.
Hey if you guy's tell me what you want' i'll try to keep it coming.

Sydney Trains and Roast Dinner's

I got an invite to go for a roast dinner tonight. My housemate (Ian), invited me to go to his friends house in Revesby. So we got stuck on a train getting over there (Sydney's Public Transport suck's).
Ok all day i've been hanging for some MJ, so i managed to kill a bit of the ride listening to Liberian Girl, Give in to Me, Smooth Criminal , and some other great Jackson titles (on my iPod).
But anyway who'd have thought it'd be so mind numbingly boring sitting/standing on a train from Summer Hill to Central then having to change for another train to get to Padstow. Hell, at least we had a pretty good meal when we got there (beef, potato, and veg what more do you need oh yeah almost forgot gravy) oh yeah we managed to score a lift back as well which was much easier than Sydney trains again.
Now i'm just sitting about watching a bit of Yu-Yu-Hakusho: Ghostfiles, i haven't seen it before but it's pretty good. It's Ian's birthday tomorrow but we'll prob do something friday night because friday is Pay Day (Fuck I Love Money, respect it).

Tuesday, April 4

Live - Run To The Water

Oh desert speak to my heart
Oh woman of the earth
Maker of children who weep for love
Maker of this birth
’til your deepest secrets are known to me
I will not be moved
I will not be moved

Don’t try to find the answer
When there ain’t no question here
Brother let your heart be wounded
And give no mercy to your fear

Adam and eve live down the street from me
Babylon is every town
It’s as crazy as it’s ever been
Love’s a stranger all around

In a moment we lost our minds here
And lay our spirit down
Today we lived a thousand years
All we have is now

Run to the water
And find me there
Burnt to the core but not broken
We’ll cut through the madness
Of these streets below the moon
These streets below the moon

And I will never leave you

’til we can say,
This world was just a dream
We were sleepin’ now we are awake
’til we can say

In a moment we lost our minds here
And dreamt the world was round
A million mile fall from grace
Thank God we missed the ground

Run to the water
And find me there
Burnt to the core but not broken
We’ll cut through the madness
Of these streets below the moon
With a nuclear fire of love in our hearts

Yeah, I can see it now lord
Out beyond all the breakin’ of waves
And the tribulation
It’s a place and the home of ascended souls
Who swam out there in love!

Run to the water
And find me there
Burnt to the core but not broken
We’ll cut through the madness
Of these streets below the moon
With a nuclear fire of love in our hearts

Rest easy baby, rest easy
And recognize it all as light and rainbows
Smashed to smithereens and be happy
Run to the water (and find me there)
Run to the water

Help me out people I need friends

Ok, so i'm a member of alot of friend site's but don't get alot of friend's of them... What a rip.
So help me out, if your on check out my profile on MySpace and add me as a friend.
Or give me a Thumbs Up on Consumating.
Don't waste your time with flickr, check out my Bolt profile.
Or even see my media collection on Listal.
And you can't forget to Preople Me.

Or hell feel free to even just comment on my blog.
I hope to hear from some of you.

Monday, April 3

Ahhh.. Blockbuster fines.

For fuck's sake. I've done it again.
Late fee's at Blockbuster Video.
Shit, arse, fuck. God dammit.
This time i even got it back to the store on time...
Just managed to somehow leave the DVD sitting on the bench.
Yay more fines, just what i needed.
How about donating money to help with my late fee's... (if only i was that popular)
Now i gotta get off my bum and leave my house to take the bloody DVD back to the shop.

Sunday, April 2

New flatmate moved in.

So i helped my new flatmate ian moving in to my spare room today.
He brought his dvd collection with him... about 2000 assorted anime dvd's.
What the hell am i going to watch, i can't choose.
But christ after last night and everything else going on right now im fucked physically and mentally. I'm going to bed.

Sydney MetroBlogging

So i've been succsessful in my application for For anyone who doesn't know it, Metroblogging is trying to set up a blog for every major Metropolitan city around the world. They have advised me that we cannot launch until we have at least 8 users posting, currently have about 4 ready to go. So if your a Blogger and your in Sydney please consider signing up (we need people fast). The faster we can get it launched the sooner we can get ourselves out there (and hopefully noticed).

April Fools Day

I missed posting yesterday cause last night we all wound up in Hyde Park rather drunkenly retarded. So anyway it was April fools yesterday (1st of April). While at work yesterday i was looking up some Mobile phone info and came across the Universal Mobile Booster, I love when companies are fun enough to do shit like that.I also found this coding4fun April Fools, courtesy of Microsoft. Yes it appears that money isn't all they want, they actually appear to be fun guys (while still taking our money).
Just found one more late addition. Google Romance. Gotta love Google.