Tuesday, July 26

Life delays

So, i've been a bit uninspired of late. I just haven't been able to get in the mood to sort through photos and prepare them for upload. If you really want to see some just leave me a comment, i'm sure if a few people want to see new photos I could be inspired to get on my arse and do some freaking work... Otherwise, i can't say when i'll have updates. Way too distracted at the moment, and any free time i do get i've been spending knitting lately. So keep an eye out, there will be some new posts soon... Just gotta get my shit together.

Tuesday, July 19

No photo today...

I've been away from home staying with a friend for a few days and kind of allowed my posts to lapse. I'll be heading back home later tonight so can start posting again, but give me a day or 2 to get some stuff sorted and uploaded. Love & Respect.