Friday, July 14

I want to go out... but im stuck at work.

God dammit. I'm stuck at my desk with a pile of papers in front of me, and a phone that won't stop ringing. I'm about ready to set fire to the papers and take a hammer to the phone. It's only 2.00, i now have to wait until about 4 or 5 till i can bolt out of here... Run home have a shower, and get ready to head out for the night. So far there are about 5 or 6 people meeting me at my place before hand, then there should be a fair few more meeting us at Balmain. I expect that i will be unable to walk tomorrow morning... So i'll prob need some berocca in the morning to get myself back in gear, it'll be necessary as i'll have to get up tomorrow morning and finish cleaning the whole house for the party tomorrow night. I'm not looking forward to scrubbing down my bathroom, but it has to be done or i just look like the filthy bastard with the rotten toilet.


Belinda said...

ewww major suckage dude. how did the party go anyways?

Anonymous said...

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