Tuesday, April 14

After MiM drinking

Drinking at the Durham Castle Pub in Canberra after the DLC internet censorship protest.
SexyNinjaMonkey Masked

Wednesday, April 8

Hot chick in Pink @ MiM

By any chance does someone know this chick so i can pass on my phone number, was running around to much on the day, disappointed i didn't stop for longer.
DLC March in March

Monday, April 6

Bin fire in the bush

Recently went away for the weekend to a country property, was for a party being thrown by the ex-scientologists. Had a spit roast, got drunk and wound up night-swimming. No face pics though and unable to mention where it was for peoples safety. However it was a lot of fun.

Saturday, April 4

We'll be back

Beware Scientology we are always at the vigil to stand up against your latest injustice.
March 14th: Party Harder