Monday, July 3

Saturday night @ Newcastle

Went up to newcastle on saturday night for my cousin Elouise's 18th Birthday. There were free drinks at the bar... beer, wine and softdrink only... so i went with Tequila, a nice way to top off the vodka i had before leaving home. I kept wandering in and out of the party cause i was chatting with some people in the pub. After the party had died down a bit (about 12pm), i ended up taking off to a club with two girls i had met, Rosa and Joss(i think that's right). They took me to The Gateway Hotel (don't ask my why i keep ending up at gay bars) where we ended up dancing at their night club venue the G spot. We were there until about 4-5 when we decided to head off cause one of the girls had gone missing. So yeah i ended up having to be picked up, by my mum, early in the morning, from rosa's house somewhere in Newcastle. So yeah that was a good night.

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