Tuesday, May 30

The Telebugs

So i know you all loved the Telebugs when you were growing up. Whether you remember it or not you more than likely watched this great show. So here for your viewing pleasure is Episode 3 of 'The Telebugs', I found this as a download online and had to share it on google video.

Fo.rtuito.us - Backwards socialising

This site seems to socialize in reverse, instead of adding all of your friends... they assign you a friend... you talk to them... and decide if you want to keep them. Every so many days they will give you new friends and you can talk to them to see if you want to keep talking or ditch them. So simple. I think this could be popular if they market it a little better.

Monday, May 29

'Holy Freaking Shit' Or 'My Weekend'

So yeah, after the night i had on thursday you think i'd sleep all weekend... Right... Wrong! I to a friends place on Friday night and sat around drinking and smoking all night (including something else i hadn't had before). Then drank most of Saturday and ended up going to a house party on Saturday night... not that i knew anyone that was there. It was just a few doors down from me and the people there had been courteous enough to put out some notices and saying we could drop by for a few drinks. So i poured myself some vodka and wandered over got the whole 'who the hell is this' stare when i walked in, but introduced myself as 'Luke from #87' and everyone got used to me. Of course before the night was through we were going crazy, dancing to columbian music in the Livingroom. Great weekend, i even managed to sleep it all of on Sunday before having to go back to work.

Friday, May 26

Strange Karma @ The Marquee Last Night

So, it's 6am, i got home about 4:30 and used that time to sort the photo's i took last night of the guys from Strange Karma. I got there early and watched the guys set up and do their sound checks, then stayed through the two bands before them just so i could watch their show. It was a fucking awesome set and they rocked the joint up something fierce. Shea even came up from melbourne again. Everyone had an awesome night at the Marquee. Of course by about 1:00 when it was finished and everything was packed up we headed to the Stonewall (gay bar) up on Oxford St In the City, of course i'd had such a great night (and alot of alcohol) that i ended up actually dancing like a nut on the stage (and no i'm not gay). But as with all good night's they have to come to an end at some point. So when we realized we only had enough left to get home we decided it was time to leave. Good choice i guess, i still have to be at work in about 2 hours. Yay.

Thursday, May 25

Sliding Clamshell Samsung Mobile Phones

In yet another move to innovate the industry, Samsung has found a "new" form factor that will wow the masses. This new breed of cell phone combines the flip-open goodness of a clamshell with the enjoyment and large screen of a slider. Enter: the sliding-clamshell.
Samsung has filed for a patent on the new design, which looks essentially like your basic bulky slider, but with a clamshell covering over the top of it. The hinge has the appearance of corrugated cardboard, and can stretch out a bit to wrap around the main part of the handset. They're saying that this new form factor allows for a large LCD (as found on a slider), but with a protective cover (as found on a clamshell). I'm not too sure about the claim of the compact size, though.
The cover has a transparent portion that allows you to see part of the screen below, eliminating the need for an external LCD. Furthermore, if you slide the screen half-way, you'll find that the navigation buttons will be on top, and the numerical keypad on the bottom; turn it sideways and you have yourself a conventional portable gamer with a landscape display.
Information from the 'Samsung GSPN' Bulletin Board.

Wednesday, May 24

Christ Emma is gorgeous

I was fooling around with a camera i borrowed and managed to take a really nice picture of my baby doll emma. Honestly, you don't get much cuter than this. I mean just look at her. You can see why i care for her so much, she's my little girl.

I caught a tear on camera

I was (a little pointlessly) upset about things beyond my control the other night, and felt the welling. So i decided to lighten my mood up i'd capture a picture of the tear as it fell. Good shot i must say, this is just as it dropped from my eye it's not actually running down my face because i was leaning forward it is mid air. Nice pic for a low quality digital camera.

Tuesday, May 23


I don't get it... So what do you let the mouse out after meals to eat the scraps??? What do you do if it starts pissing itself while you eat... the piss would run down with the food... Yay!! Does anyone else think this invention is f*king stupid? Or am i alone there.

Monday, May 22

MyTago - My Tags To Go

Mytago tags are a new version of the common barcodes. Instead of the barcode scanner, you scan tags by taking a snapshot with your phone camera and later get the details of the tag on your PC. These things are a great idea for promotions, attach one to your flyer, poster, or even business card and people can easily photograph the tag for checking later. It is quite a good idea (provided it works properly). I don't have a camera phone so am currently unable to test it. If anyone is using it please let me know how well it works.
The Tag showing here is the one i created to advertise this site, hopefully i can get them posted around sydney and get myself some more readers.

How to create an Awesome logo

Some advice from garysimon.net on how to create an Awesome logo (Link). Highly recommended advice that is. You should carefully read everything he says and put it into 'Practice'. If your still stuck try the Web2.0 logo flickr set which has some great idea's... even if your not going Web2.0.

Forgetful vicar makes wee mistake

Recently at Longforgan Parish Church in Perthshire, The Reverend John Hawdon was standing in for the regular vicar. But when nature called, his microphone broadcast his every splash and sigh to the congregation. A parishioner said: "It was mortifying. Every sound boomed and echoed around the church. We all sat there looking at each other, totally embarrassed. One or two folk managed a wee giggle." (Story from News.com.au)
Honestly, that would be so embarrassing. Can you imagine the looks on the faces of all of the Parishioners. You would probably have to relocate so you didn't have to deal with the humiliation.

Saturday, May 20

I'm really Pissed Off

Ok, my computer at home has decided to play up again so i may have to start working back late again to get all of my updates done. I am currently up at work on the wireless network we have set up here so that i could use my laptop to blog. So this post and the previous post have been the first made from my laptop. Anyway i'm hung over and i have friends wanting me to go so i must be off. Hopefully you will hear from me again soon.

Gorean Sex Cult

Hahahah, that's my first though when i read this. Ok it make's more sense when you know i am currently up to book 16 in 'The Chronicles of Gor', now read this news report on a Gorean Cult that was discovered in England. Apparently the books made them join a sex cult where they had crazy wild parties... or should i just call them orgies. Hey nothing against the books, they are a great read but some people...

Thursday, May 18

Strange Karma - Cold Blooded (Video Clip)

I found that Strange Karma had the 'Cold Blooded' video clip up on their website for download. So i've now uploaded it to Google video, hopefully it will get the coverage it deserve's up there. Pass it on to your friends so more people can see the greatness of Strange Karma.

Dr McNinja - WebComic

I found this webcomic today, The Adventure's of Dr McNinja. What a great name, and honestly the comic's are just as funny. I just wished they offered it as an RSS feed so i could just subscribe to it... I don't like having to visit website's anymore, not since i discovered aggregation (gotta love it). Anyway it's a great read so check it out.

Wednesday, May 17

Deleted Star Wars Footage (From Ep.IV)

Deleted footage from the original star wars movie. This shows a meeting between Luke Skywalker and Biggs Darklighter. And is the first mention of the Rebel Alliance in the movie, it is based on Tatooine right at the beginning of the movie, you'll recognize the scene if you've read the book.

Buzz Patrol - Waste Your Time Wisely

Great buzz site that keeps up to date on the news and blog buzz. I was just reading through the posts on the front page and already found a few worth writing about... namely the one about the woman who was married to her husband for 17 years then finding out he was a woman that had managed to conceal her gender for 17 years by using a home-made replacement penis (Link). Also one about a Las Vegas take away joint called 'Pink Taco' trying to open up more shops in Scottsdale, Arizona where the people objected because of the alternate meaning of the word 'Pink Taco' (Link). Anyway check out Buzz Patrol.

Tuesday, May 16

Help Win Jim's Bet

Jim had completed the original task of 2,000,000 hits... But apparently his girlfriend accused him of cheating and upped the amount of hit's necessary for a threesome to 74,251,867 by July 1st 2007. So everyone help me get the word out for Jim. I wish i was lucky enough to have a threesome again. Good luck Jim, i'll be cheering you on. For anyone who want's to help grab a copy of the banner from the website and spread it around, post it to your blog or myspace (if your on myspace why not add jim), maybe even some viral ads via email. Or even just show your support by visiting the site to help out with the hits. He needs those hits So let's get the word out there. Respect for Jim, Wishing you luck in your quest.

Myspace School Moderator

So finally, the guys at myspace got back to me... I am the moderator for the Ryde Secondary College (Malvina High, for those pre 2001) forum on myspace. So that means spam cleaner and general watchdog duties for me. Oh well, i doubt anyone else would do it. RSC was a bit of a trash heap and i don't think anyone would bother having much to do with it. So yeah, if you were a student there join up and say hi.

Cool leg wound

Ok so i woke up on Monday morning with the biggest pain in my leg... i looked down and found this... Lousy Vodka. Make's you do things that you don't remember. Of course no one else had any idea what i'd done either. (This was worse yesterday morning, i didn't get to take a pic till last night).

Monday, May 15

Australian MySpace.

I've just spent the night doing the whole myspace thing, simply trying to reply to a few msgs and make sure my info was up to date. It appears that sometime this week myspace rolled out the australian version of the site... just meaning it will work better for those of us living in aus. Fun, fun, silly willy. My friends list is slowly growing as i meet people. so head on over to myspace.com if you haven't already then join up, if you are already a member then add me as a friend. Myspace is simply a great service for finding good music and meeting new people (not for stalking little girls... go to friendster for that)

More Strange Karma

Ok, We made it to Candy's Apartment tonight for more Strange Karma, had an awesome time. Went out with max and the two girls Kate and Shea, and holy fuck shea was hot. The band sounded better and i managed to get more drunk. I think it was because they had more time to set up and a better venue so it all helped. Apparently they will sound even better for the next gig at The Marquee @ Camperdown 25th May 8Pm so f*king be there. Simply the band rocked, and i'm going to keep going to their shows. Everyone should come, it will be great.

Sunday, May 14

Google Analytics

Finally got my invitation to Google Analytic's. I've been waiting this so i could compare performancing.com with something else. Analytic's looks really nice, i especially like the Geomap overlay which give's you a good idea of where your readers are based. As well as how many hit's and top referrer's. That's all just on the first page of Report's, there is plenty more in there so it does cater for the Advanced blogger's as well as beginner's. It's only been on for a day now but so far it's looking good.

Feeling Down.

Im not sure what it is, but i've been feeling pretty down lately. I could write all night about my feelings but then youd stop reading. All i will say is that i was suffering depression pretty heavily last year, and think i may be fighting it back at the moment. It's probably just a mixture of everything that has been going on in my life bogging me down a bit. Hopefully i will be over it all very soon.

Saturday, May 13

GameFAQs - Sellout

Have you seen GameFAQs.com recently??? It's a freakin ad for mountain Dew... i don't mean it has ad's... I mean the whole front page is an advertisment. Please tell me this is a joke, or have they gotten desperate for cash? Hey even i'll whore my page out, if the price is good (as long as your not a dodgy company). Oh well, advertising rule's the world it was bound to happen sooner or later... like when McDonald's included a store in Neopets.

Strange Karma

One of the guy's from work, Max, invited me to a gig out at Moorebank Sports Club. The band was called Strange Karma and it turns out that they were actually pretty f*king good, which is great cause it's been some time since i've heard a decent band. I heard them say something about bad equalization, but meh, i didn't notice. We are probably going to see them at Candy's Apartment in Kings Cross on Sunday. So get your asses over there, mark it in your calendar or whatever you need to do to remember. See you there.

Thursday, May 11

Fleck has passed the Alpha

Fleck has finally had their Alpha test just recently. About 20 people got to go to Fleck HQ. There was pizza and beer involved and those lucky bastards got to use fleck (whatever it is), well we know it's an extension for firefox SO GET FIREFOX ALREADY. We've been told that Beta testing will begin soon so i'll have to hold out just a little longer. Oh the suspense is killing me.

Segway Penguin!!

Did you ever think you'd see a penguin riding a Segway, well i saw one and happened to have my camera handy. Yes this is a Segway that has been imported into Sydney, Australia (finally). I hope they do actually make it into common use so that they become more affordable.

Airhockey in two parts

For this demo at Cebit, they had set up an air hockey table... well two halves of one anyway, the two parts were actually across the room from each other. On the wall in front of each one was the projection of the other half. When one person hit the puck it would be shot out at the same place on the other side, yes they actually used pucks not just an image. Pretty cool idea, imagine if you could set up something like this to run over the internet... you could play airhockey against your friends around the world... maybe they'll upgrade to ping pong next or even cooler maybe some foosball.

UMPC's and Tablet's

This pic here shows a high end tablet pc as well as one of the Origami Project UMPC's. I have never actually used a tablet pc and was freaked to see the 'hover effect' when you can move the pointer by hovering the stylus about 1cm above the surface. I also got to see the fancy keyboard layout used with the UMPC's. They look like they could be a great portable device... once they've sorted the hideous battery life.

CeBit today!!

I got to go to the CeBit Trade Show @ the Sydney Convention Centre today. One of the biggest gathering's of nerds, techies and anyone else in the industry. There was some interesting stuff there today. I saw the Blu-Ray drive in action, the origami UMPC, and even a Segway. It seems that some of the exhibitor's have got the idea, you always feel better spending alot of money if the salesgirl is wearing high black boots and short mini skirts... hey it work's i almost bought a $4,000 media centre until i realised the salesgirl wasn't included in the price.

Successful reformatting

I started reformatting my iPod the other night i wanted it mac formatted. Originally it didn't go so well... most of the music wasn't on my iPod (even though it said it was, i think the internal track database f'ked up). I noticed alot of wrong entries on itunes so i decided to try one more time... i deleted all the music of the mac, and then copied it back on (more carefully than before). It worked, my iPod is now playing all my music properly and won't work on a pc (gotta love window's for it's non-compliance of mac, even though windows formatted drives can be read fine by a mac, Why is that Bill?).

Tuesday, May 9

Reformatting the ipod

I decided i'd try to reformat my iPod to mac, just to see if it would run better or if it was just a waste of time. So i copied all my mp3's over to the apple, then reformatted the iPod, and begun the transfer. For some reason it would only copy like half of my songs... acording to the file all the music was there but it just kept auto skipping alot of it (meaning the song never existed on the drive). Dammit more fiddling to do with it i guess. Fun, fun.

Monkey Ninja - Google Video

Another Great clip from Google video not quite 'Sexy' but still a Ninja Monkey. I want one.

Blaine Screws It!!

Now i'm sure you've all heard of David Blaine and his attempts to get on the show 'Jackass'... Ok, so he's not trying to get on jackass but with the stupid stunts he pulls you'd think he was. His recent attempt involved being locked in a tank of water for 7 days... as you do. Of course he had planned that before he came out he would be chained up and unhooked from the breathing aparatus so that he could try and complete the trick that killed The Great Houdini. Apparantly Blaine was only more successful than Houdini in the respect that he didn't die... Pussy. If he was going to screw it up so badly he should've at least followed Houdini and died with dignity instead of being dragged out like a wannabe. Still the bastard is going to score about $9 million in advertising alone. Oh well at least according to Dr Murat Gunel of Yale University, who said a lack of adequate oxygen in Blaine's brain during the breath-holding challenge, especially after seven days under water, carried a risk of irreversible brain injury.
-Pic and story from smh.com.au - "Blaine Damaged"

Open Source Mac

Free Open-source software for Mac OS X, this is just a small but extremely useful list of 'FREE' Open-source software to use on your mac, with some wonderful suggestions like firefox, Adium, Democracy, VLC, Senuti, Inkscape, and plenty more. So if you have a brand new mac that you need some programs for, then check out Open Source Mac.

My new Bike Chain Bracelet

I went shopping with Bec on Sunday, we went over to Newtown and had a look around there. I had gone with the intent of finding some new jewellery (i.e. chains, rings, etc.) and had spent most of the day without any luck, then just as we were getting ready to head back i came across a street vendor who had some interesting pieces. I liked the Bracelet's he was offering (made from shimano bike chains), he had them for $12 but seeing as it was the end of the day i offered $10 and made a score. Here is a picture of the stylish looking bracelet.

I'm Baack

I took a short weekend break from the computer, just to relax the mind a little. Believe me it was needed... i was starting to look a little lost (as you can see). I was spending too much time on computers and was in need of a short break. But that's all over now.

Friday, May 5

Difficult pose to hold for 5 mins

This is another photograph i found from my yr 10 Ski camp. We were bored one night and started wrestling... when we managed to get into this position mid fight everyone made us stop and hold it so they could get pic's, we managed to hold it for 5 mins while they got their photo's then i dropped the bastard. Pretty talented.

Thursday, May 4

Unknown hands at an Unknown Concert

I have no idea where this was taken, when it was taken, or even who the hell is playing. Crappy concert photo's don't laugh you all have them. Looking a bit closer i think it was Mudvayne @ Big Day Out 2001 in Sydney. Yep that's the one where poor Jessica was crushed to death in the mosh pit... I hated Limp Bizkit already so i was up in the grandstand avoiding them and watching all the commotion in the pit, what a lovely day that was.

Ski Camp Photo's

Amongst the photo collection that i've been digitising, i found my yr10 ski camp pics (2000). We only went to Smiggin's Hole, but we got to stay in a cabin (owned by Rotary) just 10mins from the ski lifts. My god i was only 16 at this time but don't think i've ever had soo much fun in my life. I cannot wait till i get the chance to go skiing again. I want a group of friends who'll come with me, but everyone i know is either not interested or not able to afford it. Hopefully i'll get to go soon, im really hanging out.

Photo collection found

Check it out, this was a photo of me on my 18th Birthday. I found my old photo collection tonight and have been scanning them into the computer so i can add them to my Digital Collection. Yes i was a Goth. Anyway keep your eye's out i may put up some more random pic's from my collection (there was a whole ton of my yr10 formal pic's as well as some pic's of Sexy Bec from when i first met her.

Wednesday, May 3

LyricWiki - Wiki for song lyric's

Here we go a wiki with nothing but song lyric's. I love it already I made a couple of random searches and got the result's i was looking for. They already have a collection of more than 233,000 songs so it's alway's easy to find what your after. And if by chance they don't have the lyric's that you want... Being a wiki, you can add them yourself. They've already made a plugin so you can add LyricWiki searching to your firefox search bar. It's a great idea and i think i will be using it a fair bit.

The Lighter Side of Sanity

Ok, so Jim (one of the guys at work) sent out an email with some links to a bunch of crazy arse clips. As you can see in the picture they aren't all the most sane clips, most of them are weirdly cute yet strangely disturbing. I thought i'd be nice and share the links so you can all enjoy the beauty of a severely disturbed mind.
We Like The Moon
Independant Woman
A Frightened Boy
Anal Seepage
Naughty Rude Hedgehogs

And Viking Kittens

Tuesday, May 2

Raunchy Wrapping Paper

This is just double sided wrapping paper, plain ordinary patterns one side... hot pinup girls on the other. I am soo getting some of this to wrap up presents next christmas. I can just imagine my Mum's face when she unwraps her present. Hey at only £3.00 (yes it's in uk) for a large sheet it's not bad priced. Wonder how many sheets i'll need to wrap all my family presents (probably just half a sheet, lol). Head over to SUCK UK and order yourself some.

Stressed out with Modem problems.

I spent most of last night trying to get my modem to work with my iBook. According to the manual i insert the cd... open the folder titled 'mac'... run the installer file... and i'm done. So i inserted the cd, found no folder called 'mac' the closest i could find was 'mac drivers' which i search for an installer but found nothing but .sit files. I went to the website for some trouble shooting... guess what... the only help they have to offer me is the user manual (which already was no help). So i finally gave up about 1:00 this morning and went to bed bummed from having spent so much time on it. That's it i'm gettin a wireless router asap so i can save from the hassles of this adsl modem.

Eye.fi - Wireless flash cards

Eye.fi is a company who are developing flash cards with built in Wi-fi capabilities so that your camera can be connected at all times. It is a brilliant idea, as camera's are starting to go wireless this is great for making older digital camera's compatible with your Wireless network without the need to replace it. Can't wait until they are released.