Monday, July 10

Finally got a new Digital Camera

It took a while but i finally got a brand new Digital SLR, I managed to get the guy @ the camera shop to knock $50 of the price (I wasn't paying for it but i wanted to get a good price). This was a 22nd birthday present from my parents. I can't wait to test it @ the next Strange Karma gig which will be this friday coming. 14th July @ Cat & Fiddle in Balmain it will be a great night everyone should be there.


Belinda said...

have fun at the strange karma gig, im sure you are going to have alot of fun with the cam

SexyNinjaMonkey said...

F**k yeah, that camera is awesome. And friday night will be great, straight after SK we heading up to Darlinghurst for CURVE nightclub. I'm going to be so headfucked by sunday.