Wednesday, July 26

Strings - Tied by hate - Bound by love

This film was made in Denmark, but instead of actors they used puppets. Sounds like a kids movie right... Wrong. This movie was incredible. I sat down expecting a lighthearted movie, but by the end of it I was in tears. It is an amazing story of another world, where lives depend on the strings that hold them up. The puppet masters who controlled the characters where amazingly skilled, just as brilliant as the designers of the puppets and their surroundings. So much thought and emotion went into this film that makes it into the masterpiece it is. I highly recommend Strings, it is suitable for children as the use of puppets makes it interesting for them, but it is more recommended for those a bit older who can more understand and appreciate the feelings and emotions of the movie. It was a new release at Blockbuster video just last week so it should be available at most stores. You can read more about this movie on imdb. I hope you all go and hire it out, I'm going to buy a copy.


Belinda said...

thats what i love about kiddy films, that as a kid i could watch them and see that good triumphs over evil and there is always a happy ending, now looking at some of the kiddy movies as an 'adult' i can see the moral behind the stories which is awesome, thats why so many parents like to take their kids to the movies, its subconcious learning

Anonymous said...
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