Sunday, July 9

60's Night @ Bar Broadway

Friday night i was sitting around bored so i called Sexy Bec to see what she was up to... She was heading out to 60's night... "Pick me up?"... So i ended up @ Bar Broaday, when i got there the dance floor was bare. Ppl were just sitting around drinking. After a couple of drinks i noticed 1 girl had taken on tyhe dance floor by herself... So a matter of seconds later i was up there dancing with her, soon enough we had another 6 or 7 girls up (but still no more guys). After about 5 songs the floor dispersed for more dance fuel, i downed another tequila then sat around chatting with Bec and all her girlfriends. We got in a little more dancing before it was time to leave. Walking out of the pub i ran into a girl i used to work with @ Bakers Delight, Jess and my god she and her room mate both looked incredible, so i stopped and chatted with them for a good 10min's before having to go catch up with Bec & Jeren. Afterwards the three of us headed back to my place to finish drinking and have a smoke. The picture is of the badge they gave me @ the 60's club.


Belinda said...

empty dance floors...i shudder at the thought

SexyNinjaMonkey said...

I know, that's why i got up there. Later on in the night, there were more ppl up dancing... Took them long enough, i think they had to get drunk before they were brave enough.