Friday, October 27

La Fiesta Sound System @ Equilibrium

Last Saturday (21/10) i wound up spending half the night over at my friend Sam's apartment, so by the time i finally got out it was just after 11. Got myself up to Equilibrium in the city to get some photo's of La Fiesta. As usual, the venue was packed with people dancing to the music. Only stayed till about 2, before heading home for sleep.

Monday, October 23

Live @ Sydney Entertainment Centre

Last friday night i got to go and see one of my favourite bands of all time, Live. It was a great show, and enjoyed it... even though i couldn't be down the front taking photo's (you have no idea how hard that was), though i did manage to grab a few pics from my seat. This is the second time i have seen them and i swear Ed Kowalczyk has such an amazing stage presence that no one even cared that he forgot the words in the middle of a song. And once more he managed to get the entire audience singing for a good ten minutes, the only times i have ever felt the atmosphere of a concert have been while seeing Live. The music is so uplifting and has helped me when i was feeling down, simply put i love Live... What more can i say.
Of course after this i went up to the Cross with Rich, where we checked out Sinister Sounds a new Breaks Dj @ The World Bar. After that i dropped into the city to catch up with Dj Levi 5 Star and a few guy's that play with him in La Fiesta Sound System.

Sunday, October 15

Sydney @ Dawn

Early Morning Walk through the streets of Sydney with Max & Ed, Last Sunday (14th Oct)

Live Wire @ Lansdowne

A friend who i only really knew online had told me that his band would actually be playing in the city Saturday night, he hadd told me that they would start at midnight so i thought i would most likely miss them as i didn't leave Bondi Junction till just after that. I was heading to Lansdowne anyway to catch up with Maxi, who turns out was there for the same show... which ended up not starting till 1am so i got to see them play anyway.

Out on the town

My good friend Katherine called me on Saturday to invite me out for dinner that night (as it was her birthday in a few days), also a friend whom i had never actually met Kaelah was down from brisbane and called me cause she had some free time. Luckily we were both due to meet people at the same time around Newtown, so i finally got to meet her properly and still made it to the mexican restaurant for dinner with Kat. After hanging with Kat and her friends for a little while i had to head off to go over and catch up with Rich at Bondi Junction. Went to see him play at Bondi Easts Leagues Club, till i caught a train back into the city around midnight to go and catch up with maxi... and avoid missing the last train for the night.

Saturday, October 14

I Love Warehouse Parties

What more can i say... Warehouse parties are much more fun than your regular nightclub. More weird and interesting people to talk to and others to laugh at when you find them passed out in the most random locations. This one in particular was probably the most well organized party i had ever been to. Even the police who dropped by as usual by but after seeing all the security, the first aid room, and everything all so well organized, turned around and didn't come back again that night. It was really packed full of people either dancing to the music, or hanging in one of the few assorted chillout areas. The whole thing had been organized by Sydney Artist Jarrod Taylor who rented this space out. Music during the night featured The Knife Machine, Van She Tech, Banshee, Beau Monde and more. It did get a little hot and sweaty in there due to lack of ventilation but didn't make it any less of a great party.

Thursday, October 12

Saturday Night

Saturday night after going down to the Mandarin Club to check out Strange Karma (and being so tired i almost fell asleep). I headed over to Lookin' Good @ candy's apartment to check out Sam Serene & Jay Smalls ripping up the backroom. There were some great beats pumping out of that room, including a few that have been playing in the back of my head all week long. I'll definately be looking forward to the next Lookin' Good. Then about 5am we all headed over to Spice @ plantation bar, still not sure how i survived until 7... I should've been out cold hours before that... but there i was.

Boogie Pimps @ MYLK


I had to run out of Porno Combo for a little while last friday, and that is cause i wanted to check out the Boogie Pimps (German DJ's w/ hit dance track 'don't you want somebody to love'). Wasn't able to stay long but from the looks of it MYLK is a pretty popular venue, of course with international djs like the Boogie Pimps playinng i can see why.

Porno Combo - Feel like getting dirty?

Friday night (Oct 6), i found myself back down at The Alleyway, behind Gaff, on Oxford St. It was time for another exciting installment of Porno Combo. With the amazing DJ talents of John Devecchis, James Taylor, Tim Sea, Sam Serene, Jay Smalls, and James Huxley Porno Combo was another night of great music and people.

Hump @ Marquee

Shorty from Hump had asked me if i could drop by last thursday night (5 oct) to get some photo's of them. They where after a few pics they could use on their myspace page and any other places they need them. Unfortunately was pretty tired so had to leave after their set.

Wednesday, October 4

Violent Nature

Found lying dead in my hallway being decimated by ants

Sunday, October 1

The October long weekend

Ok i know there are no pics (except these of the program, taken the next morning), but it's prob better that my camera was not with me this weekend. Saturday night i was headed over to marquee for 'Back in the Day'. There were several reasons, mainly saying goodbye to both Kate & Liset, but also was invited up for Pen's birthday. Got to say my farewells, and catch up with others before walking up to Annandale for a warehouse party.
Showed up at the party and introduced myself to alot of people, so i wasn't just the outsider who only knew the djs. Rich even dropped by to play a set for us. Pretty good party but about 4-5am me and Damo bolted off to get ready...
Now, I had no intention of going but in my state was quite easily persuaded to attempt Parklife entry. So me and Damo dropped by his place for showers and protein shakes.
D already had his ticket so he was fine and his other friend had paid an exorbitant amount from some scalper. Me i just wandered the perimeter for another 20Min's before finding a large group milling about the side so i joined them...
All of a sudden someone yelled "RUN" and everyone bolted towards the fence I think security only managed to stop about 5 of the 40 that made it through (i was one of the lucky ones). Only prob now that i had no credit, So i wandered around trying to find everyone until i felt a little queasy, and found myself a place in the sun and sat down (may have even fallen asleep at some point).
Though just shortly before the Sun had gone down a couple joined me for some sunlight. But apparently i must have looked pretty munted as this girl started making sure i was alright, prob didn't help that i was shivering like a crazed man because of the cold wind blowing up my shirt. Her boyfriend grabbed out the Tiger Balm and had her rub it into my back to try and warm me up a bit... and it helped alot (though, i wish i had remembered to get their contact details so i could thank them). But as soon as the sun got too low i had to leave and make my way home.
Looking at the time Parklife should still be going now, by tomorrow morning it will be Munt Central with people passed out left and right or just hugging some random person or object. Oh well, i still have tomorrow left... What to do...