Saturday, May 31

In memory of Mel

These were some of the last photo's i took of mel, last year on boxing day when we all hooked up and had a party. Mel your no longer with us but we all love you. Respect.

Saturday, May 24

Moving Day

I moved recently to a smaller but nicer place in Concord West (So long Summer Hill). The day i had organized to move my cat Missy decided she was going to disappear... Short story is i went back the next day to find her waiting, so i stuffed her in a box and took her on a train. People wouldn't stop staring at the jumping box that was meowing. These pics were taken while walking the last stretch to the new place, Missy stuck her head out of the box to see where we were heading. It was hard taking this shot while carrying the box and a heavy bag, but out of the handful i took these were my favorites.

Friday, May 23

Lovers Electric

Just last week i was at my friends place in Newtown. On my way back i passed a clothing shop that was filled with people, I stuck my head in for a look and someone handed my a cup of red wine. There was a band playing in the shop, apparently their gig had been cancelled and they wanted to do a show the shop was offered they bought bottles of wine and the show went on. Hell i had a great time, was hard to get a good shot as i came in towards the end of the set and didn't have a proper flash. The band was Lovers Electric and they were great, you can hear their music on their website.

Tuesday, May 20

Mamacita live

Photo i took back in Feb of one of the singers from the band mamacita down at The Annandale Hotel.

Bizarre Street Art


Monday, May 19

NSW Wine Festival 2008

We got together back in March to go for lunch in chinatown. While we were out we came across the NSW Wine Festival and had a few drinks in the park.

Sunday, May 18

Caged freedom


Update: Lookin' Good 4th Birthday

Just some pics i took on the Lookin' Good Birthday cruise. Bit late but thought they should get to see the world.

Tuesday, May 13

I'm Back Baby!!!

It's true, i have returned to the internets. Keep an eye on this page. I will get back to making more regular posts of my photos very shortly. Firstly i have to clean out the bloody 2000 emails that have built up in my inbox. Then i'll get to work posting some pic's up here.

To start here's a pic of my cat (Missy) being moved to my new place in Concord West, i had to take her on the train in a box. You should've seen the weird looks i got at the station when the box started shaking and meowing.