Sunday, May 31

My Sister's 21st cont.

For her birthday her friends organised her a special present, a muscular fireman stripper...

Saturday, May 30

My Sister's 21st

My sister recently turned 21, of course i came along to take the photo's. After the first part with the cake we went out clubbing at Soho in Kings Cross, My mum had the next day off so i dragged her with us
After Soho some of us continued over at World Bar
As for the cute blonde biting me in the last shot, i have no idea who she was... But if you do, please supply me with a number.

Tuesday, May 26

Cat stuck in sleeve

I only helped slightly to get it sitting straight, she was pretty much already in there

Sunday, May 24

My Work Desk

Thought i'd grab some up to date shots of my work desk set-up, not talking about the pc or anything but the important bits... my photo's & toys
My Work Desk
My Work Desk

Friday, May 22

Cult School

Recently we found the Athena school in Newtown, it's a school that teaches cult doctrine to children. In the second photo you can see the 'Applied Scholastics' label, that just means they are teaching kids from books written by the original cult leader himself L.Ron Hubbard. I can't help but wonder what kind of idiot would send ther child to this place.
The funniest bit was this sign on the gate, only prob is to do that they'll need to get rid of all of Hubbards books and any scientologists that hang around.