Thursday, September 28

Someone shall pay

My iPod has been thieved, along with my leather jacket. And as you can imagine i want someone to pay in blood. Unfortunately, i know it will more than likely wind up being me having to shell out it ($$$). Why, oh why couldn't he have stolen someone else's jacket... Or even not have been an evil thieving bastard. Of course loving music as much as i do, this is very painful. I even picked up an el-cheapo mp3 player from work but i almost chucked that through a window after trying to use it for a day. Lousy Nogoodniks... Steal my sh*t, will ya...

Wednesday, September 27

Dream State

Several years ago, i lost the ability to dream. I know everyone tries to tell me that i just don't remember them. That is one thing about dreams, you can notice when your not having them. Sleep just isn't as fulfilling as it should be, i was finding myself waking up in a very restless mood almost every morning. It was only about a month back that i woke up in the morning with the realisation that i had been dreaming, and i have dreamt quite regularly since then. No i do not remember clearly what it is i dream about but i do wake up knowing that i have had a dream. Of course that also means that i have been generally sleeping better (So i'm not in a constant state of tired... for a change). So do you think it has something to do with the recent changes in my life? I wonder...
Also I recently discovered a website that i thought was worth metioning, it would send you one of their listed books in parts via email. That has now given me the chance to read a book that i doubt i otherwise would've even picked up 'Dream Psychology' by Sigmund Freud (interesting read as i am now a dreamer). Each part is about a page worth so how many parts depends on the size of the book for example Dream Psychology is in 57 parts, meaning i will get a new page every weekday for 57 days. I am sure that with some support the reading list will be expanded. So if you haven't got the time to read books check out DailyLit.

Tuesday, September 26


After HushHush, i ran around the corner to go and meet up with Warren (one of the promoters). He showed me around the club and introduced me to a few people. Then i had a wander took some photo's, chatted with some people i had met before and was introduced to others. But i was there until they closed at 8am and then got taken for breakfast with Warren and the djs from Spice (Murat & Dave Goode). So it wasn't until after 10 that i stumbled through the door at home.

Equilibrium - La Fiesta Sound System

Levi invited me up to Equilibrium to take some photo's of La Fiesta Sound System. Nice venue and lot's of people dancing made for a good night up there. Straight after the set i jumped in the car with Levi and Mark (the sax player) and we headed up to HushHush in the club abve Bourbon. We had a great atmosphere in there and i joined Levi bouncing in the booth to his beats. We stayed up there till about 5am.

The Loves @ Vic On Park

Finally made it out again to see The Loves, i wanted to finally meet this girl i had been talking to on myspace since the last time i saw them. This time they were playing at a venue that was only slightly out of my way, so i got to go. Only got to stay for part of the show as i had to bolt into the city for La Fiesta Sound System. But i at least got to meet Rebecca.

Clubbing around the cross

Friday night i wasn't working, i just headed up to Kings Cross to catch up with some people. Of course when i got there i ran into Rich and his friend Bec, and we all headed over to check out The Bourbon and grab a few drinks (though we stopped by Moulin Rouge to get stamps so we wouldn't have any trouble later). After checking out the renovated upstairs club @ the bourbon, and being joined by Levi, we headed over to lepanic to check out Kat. After Kat had finished we all headed over to Moulin Rouge where they where celebrating Rouge Rocker's 1st Birthday (their saturday night club), so it was pretty packed inside of course having dropped by to get stamps earlier we had no problems getting in. Although you have to wonder what goes through some of these girls heads... This girl walks up to me, smiles, and asks as nicely as she can manage "Will you buy me a drink"... I just laughed... And she walked off to try someone else. After a while in Moulin we all started heading off, i dropped by Mandalay to pick up a few things and then jumped a cab home.

Monday, September 25

Spin After Party

I'm a bit late in posting this one but last monday night (18/09/06), i went to an after party for a hair dressers awards ceremony. It was a busy night up at Mandalay, lot's of ppl dancing and having fun. I was even lucky enough to meet the lovely Kylie while there. I'm still not sure how but i magaed to get to work on tuesday.

Monday, September 18

Earthdance 2006

I had an amazing time at the Earthdance Festival, which was held at Sydney Park in St Peters (As well as 249 other locations in 50 different countries). I got to hang out with some really fun people. Most of my day there was spent dancing on a hill near the trance stage. Though later in the night i relocated myself to the Reckless Spirit stage (house & electro) in front of a few thousand people (it helps knowing people who can get you backstage at these things). Earthdance was well worth the $2 donation i made to gain entry to the grounds. I made some really great friends that day.

Warehouse Party @ Redfern

I love going to these things, a bunch of fun people in an unlicensed venue listening to great music. One of the best features of these parties is that you can usually bring your own drinks. At this night they even had a performer come out onto the balcony to do a fire juggling and knife swallowing act. At some point during the night the girls (who had become bored of clubbing), came and joined us. I noticed that Jill's younger sister Steph was looking a little out of it so i found her a chair and gave her my jacket to keep warm. I kept an eye on her while i grabbed a few quick pic's of the night, well at least until Jillian came and took her home (apparently Steph had some guys buying drinks for her while they were out earlier, not bad for a 17yo). I think my favourite part of the night was getting to meet the gorgeous girl in the Ariel costume (damn!).

Rich's BBQ

Got a call saturday arvo to get my arse over to Bondi Junction, with the promise of 3 to 1 odds on the female to male ratio who could resist. When i showed up Rich knocked up a fruit punch for us to take next door to the girls place. After a while everything was ready and we moved out the back to get the BBQ underway. We had a really good meal that night (best feed i've had in a while). But that chicken, i don't know what you did to it Rich but my god i'm still drooling for more. After we'd finished and tidied things up we all finished getting ready and the guy's went to a warehouse party, while the girls went for some clubbing.


After lepanic, i headed up to my usual friday night hangout. Curve @ The Mandalay Room and la fiesta had managed to bring in a small crowd that night. We had lots of people out shaking their stuff on the floor, beautiful dancing girls in cages, and little green men from Mars... Wait scratch that. But it was a fun night filled with people dancing and just having fun. I had to finish up early and leave around 3am so i could go and get some sleep for a change (so didn't stay until close, like usual).


Friday night was my first time up at lepanic for 'Fabulous', unfortunately it wasn't as packed out is i was told it usually got but then i was really there to get some pics of the beautiful Katherine Ly (singer/keyboardist/keytarist). Even though there wasn't much of a crowd it didn't stop Kat from looking amazing while accompanying the DJ Sheepa. lepanic is actually a really nice looking venue, i really liked the theme of the place.

Strange Karma @ The Marquee

Straight after the grad party i was picked up by Dad and we drove over to The Marquee. Once more Strange Karma rocked the stage. We even got to hear a few new songs, so everyone was excited. Dad agreed it was well worth coming out, even on a Thursday night.

Graduation party for Design Students

Rich got me into a graduation party for one of Sydney's design classes (graphic/interior). It was fun wandering around talking with some design minded people, making some contacts, listening to great music (Supplied by DJ Rich Nicol). It was also fully catered, to top it off (the teriyaki chicken sticks were delicious), and i think i had a good amount of wine before leaving.

Monday, September 11

Ralph Magazine Party

Friday night i was up at Mandalay Room taking photo's... Turns out Ralph Magazine were having a party up there... They were also filming hot girls in skimpy clothes dancing around for the upcoming Ralph DVD. Of course that gave me plenty of photo opportunities. I also managed to wind up hanging out with a few of the girls and some of the magazine staff. They even added me to their guest list so i could come to Moulin Rouge with them... Which of course i did. Then a couple of the girls wanted to go see a strip club, so graciously we took them into Dancers Cabaret for a little while. Of course we wound up back at one of the girls apartments in the early hours of the morning (proof in the photo below, for those who don't believe me). So yeah great night out, plus some excellent contacts made.

Friday Night

I was heading out to the city but wasn't definate where to go, i called Damien (Dirty D), to see if anything was on and he told me to come down to Chinese Laundry to hear some international act. So i headed over and waited in line for a while, after an hour i got bored and decided to just go somewhere else that i knew i could get in without hassle. Was on my way up to The Arthouse to check out J Smalls, but on the way i called Shea to see what she was up to... Turns out she was lost in Annandale, and being from melbourne had no idea where she was going.
So i jumped in a cab and raced over to find her. After a little while on the phone i managed to find her and we jumped a cab back to my place, where we just crashed on the couch and watched 'Napoleon Dynamite'. Shea's friend showed up a little while later and the two girls headed off together. Hey i'm just glad i was able to help her.

Sunday, September 3

Jaywalker - CD launch party

DSC_0008Saturday night i spent up at the mandalay room taking photo's for the manager, up until about 3am. When the place had started to die down Rich called me to remind me about the Launch Party for Bryn and his brother Miles' new cd. So after i finished he met me downstairs and we drove out to Randwick for the house party.

DSC_0004We got there and the party was still going strong, unfortunately the music had to be turned down, but that was in no way stopping anyone from having fun. Rich walked into the kitchen and whipped out a bag of blood oranges + a bottle of gin. Excellent idea because by coming so late to the party there was nothing left to drink.
DSC_0002I wandered around the party and introduced myself to a few people i didn't know before settling myself down in the backyard circle for a chat. We hung out till pretty early in the morning before i finally started to give out and caught a cab back home. Christ it's been, yet another, big weekend for me but i think it's time to get some sleep in before i head to work tomorrow.

Curve - Rich's Birthday

DSC_0069After leaving Porno Combo i headed up to Curve @ the Mandalay Room. It was Rich's birthday so i made sure that i didn't miss it. I showed up pretty late so the party had begun to die down a little. I hung around till Curve closed and then jumped a cab with Rich back over to Porno Combo so we could catch up with everyone over there (drinking high quality tequila on the ride)... But when we got there it had just closed and everyone had gone.
DSC_0095So we cabbed back over to The Vegas hotel to continue the night, wait i guess it's no longer the night once the sun has risen. So we carried on through the morning till we had to just go home and get some sleep. Fun night out.

The Return of Porno Combo

DSC_0060"Run by the Highminded House crew, Porno Combo parties became famous in 2005 for their consistently solid line-ups, friendly atmosphere and no-nonsense attitude to partying... This tradition of no-bullshit fun will be continuing at The Gaff. For the opening Friday, Porno has secured a line-up reminiscent of its biggest nights last year a stellar list with John Devecchis, Mark Murphy, N-Zed, Sam Serene and Jay Smalls"
Were just a few lines from the email announcement that i recieved. Sounded great so i made sure that i headed over after Strange Karma, it was well worth it. Possibly even under hyped. The place was packed with people dancing and having fun.
DSC_0040Don't worry you haven't missed it, Porno Combo will be on again, Oct 6th @ The Gaff on Oxford St. So make sure you come on down and enjoy the party. It is definately worth it.

Strange Karma @ arncliffe

DSC_0116Friday night started heading out to The Arncliffe Hotel for Strange Karma, i even took along my dad. These guys always seem to rock things up no matter how bad the venue can get. Dad enjoyed it and is going to come to the next Marquee gig (Best sydney rock venue). Max was feeling sick and managed to miss the whole show while hiding out in a bathroom cubicle. Unfortunately i couldn't stay long after the show as i had to head into the city. But it was still a good show (even though the Arncliffe's sound guy had no clue).