Friday, June 30

Graaarghh... Issue's with mac

Ok, so i was wondering what had happened to about 400 or so songs that were on my iPod before going mac format... but aren't now. Took me a while but i realized they where still on my laptop... just completely useless on a mac, Someone had gone and ripped them in WMA... How annoying. I tried finding some mac software that i could use just for a one off conversion without paying about $80. Ended up giving up in the end and just copying those files back to my pc so i can use some free conversion software on there. I have copied them over and am currently running the converter... Christ it's slow... But hey it was free. I'm not sure what it's called or where to get it as it was an unnamed file emailed from a friend (i guess im lucky it wasn't a virus). But hey it's working and soon i can put the songs back on my iPod.

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