Thursday, June 8

Blogging from Second Life

I only signed up for Second Life two night's ago and have already figured out how to post to blogger. Not bad for a newbie. Anyway, if you haven't tried second life you should... C'mon It's Free. You can even create a character that looks how you want it to look (how many games let you do that). Also if you are any good at 3d modelling, you are able to upload images you have created as objects in SL... i.e. houses buildings and other structures. Or you can upload new textures for clothing, skin, etc. Basically it is a great game... wait no it's not a game it's a life... a Second Life. You are even able to earn money through Second Life if you know what you are doing, Linden Dollars (the currency used in SL) are actually able to be traded for US dollars. So if you create a business in Sl and have enough people pay for your services, you could make some good cash. There are already some lucrative clothing and music stores, as well as a thriving adult district). After just a little bit of fooling around i discovered that it even cater's to fan's of two of my favourite book series. The Chronicle's of Gor (there is a large active Gorean community), and Myst (book/game). I actually discovered an island called Telador, which was owned and maintained by fans of Myst who were trying to recreate some parts of the games. Anyway sign up now it's fun and it's free. If you do happen to sign up or you are already a member add me to your friends, my avatar's name is 'SexyNinjaMonkey Thunders'.

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