Sunday, June 11

My head is Spinning

I went to a warehouse part lastnight. I would not have even known it was on if it wasn't for Dirty D, who had sent me an invite through myspace. It ended up being a f*king amazing night. Great music and great people make for a fantastic experience. This was my first warehouse party but hopefully not my last. I managed to grab a few email addresses while i was there tonight of some of the people i talked to so that we could go out again later... Not sure i remember them all, but i think i have it right. I even met a really good business contact there, however i wont say anything more on that just now as it isn't definate just yet. But anyway as you can see in the picture im f*ked up right now (i only took this pic less than an hour ago)... I can't sleep. I need to do something, maybe i'll take Emma for a walk... She's asleep... but oh well she can get up and come for a walk with me.


Belinda said...

sounds like an awesome night good stuff. why is everyone i know not getting into the soccer this year its making me sad :(

SexyNinjaMonkey said...

You really have to be into sports to follow soccer... plus soccer isn't as big here in australia. I see a lot of europeans in the city watching the games but that's really it.

Anonymous said...

That shit was not music.

It was fucking looping noise.