Tuesday, June 13

Gir - I Want One!!!

If you haven't yet seen 'Invader Zim', then what the f*k is wrong with you? You should watch it for Gir alone... Gir is the cute little 'extremely retarded' robot sidekick of, Invader Zim, the Irken invader. This guy is just so stupid you can't help but feel sorry for him, plus he's soo damn cute. The Tallest (Leaders of the Irken Invasion Fleet) assigned Gir to Zim in the hopes that Zim would be killed by Gir's utter stupidity, simply no one likes Zim... well not since he almost destroyed their home planet during Operation Impending Doom One. That is pretty much why he was sent to Earth, as it happens Earth happens to be several hundred trillion light years away from the main force of the Irken Invasion. But still with mindless quotes like, "I'm running, I'm running, whoohoooo! I'm running! Wheehehehe! I'm naked!", and "I love the little tacos. I love them good." how could you not fall in love with the crazy little fool. Admit it you want one too. For more info on the show and it's characters, just check the wiki's for Gir or Invader Zim.

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