Saturday, June 17

Strange Karma in Newcastle

We road tripped to Newcastle friday night to go see Strange Karma play live at 'House of Steel'. Max managed to score a ride up in the van with the guys. So me and Kate got to drive up together. I've said it before and i'll say it again... There is nothing at Newcastle, i don't think they'll be doing anymore gigs up there too soon. We all got a bit trashed, there was alot of alcohol consumed as well as a few joints passed around. We even managed to get Paul and Jody from the band to come out to a pub with us for drinks after the show, well until 2am when they decided it was closing time and kicked us all out :( We decided we would kick on the party at Mcdonalds (the big caltex/roadhouse thing between newcastle and sydney) on the way home. When we got there it was closed, so we had pies and sausage rolls from caltex before going home. Of course... i had no batteries, so there are no photo's. Dissapointing. Anyway it was a great night and even though i slept all morning i'm still tired, yet here i am trying to find something to do tonight.

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