Sunday, June 18

Extortr - Blackmailing web service

Got embarrasing photo's of people, or even one that could get someone fired. Just upload to this page, insert name and email address of the victim as well as the category of blackmail. Select the amount and the time given to pay. Choose the evidence that you would like to upload, then send Blackmail Note. Your victim will recieve an email with a copy of the picture and how much it will cost to not have it shown. If they elect to pay the amount it will be directed in to your paypal account (after extortr's 10% cut). If the money is not payed, the photo or mpeg will be made public. Isn't this all just deliciously evil. Of course the site author has written clearly at the bottom of the page "This isn't actually a genuine web site. It's just a joke.", although it seem's real enough and i think it could wind up in a few court battle's if not careful.

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