Tuesday, June 13

Movies, games & women

So after my saturday night out and sleeping all sunday. You'd think i'd be too retarded to be going out anymore. But seeing as monday was a public holiday, i went to the city. We ended up going to see the new Disney movie Cars, and it was actually pretty good. Honestly, Pixar have improved soo much since the early work they had shown on Sesame St. I mean really i'm 21 and even i enjoyed it. After that we headed over to Galaxy World where i managed to get addicted to 'Initial D Version 3' the racing game... and i usually hate racing games... but you should have seen the perfect drift i pulled off in that game. It's a game that actually does cover beginners as well as advanced racers. Of course i had to leave early when Vivian sms'ed me asking if i was at home... I made it home in record time, hey i had good reason to. But i had a great time with Vivian, we just lay around and watched the movie Jawbreaker (something to watch). Unfortunately she couldn't stay as we both had work the next morning. Oh well, maybe next time.

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