Monday, June 5

Chronicles of Gor

I mentioned the Gor books in a previous post, only don't take that post as the whole of the fanbase... That's just a small portion of our society (showing how f*ked up people can be).
Putting that aside. 'The chronicles of Gor' is a series based mainly around the adventures of Tarl Cabot a man with freakishly red hair who was taken from Earth, and deposited on some unknown world to an unknown fate... He was on the world of Gor. This is a fantasy story with lots of swords & sorcery, a few sci-fi twists, as well as some great erotica scenes. These books have something for everyone with an imagination. Author John Norman has managed to create an amazing cult following with this series, there are many fansites, chat rooms and roleplay groups out there created by people who love the books. If you would really like to read the books you'll have to check eBay, as most of the books are actually out of print... Or if you can't find a particular one just ASK ME as i have a few that i may be able to sell you. For anyone who still needs to know more just check the Gor wikipedia entry.

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