Sunday, June 18

Picasa Web Albums

You have probably already heard of 'Picasa', which is Google's free photo management/sharing software. It has now made the whole sharing aspect even easier by giving a free 256mb of space to upload your photo's to the new web based Picasa galleries. It is great if you just want to get some photo's online in easy to manage album's. It doesn't have all of Flickr's features (but then who does), but it also doesn't have any upload restrictions. I just uploaded my entire photo collection to the site this morning (see them here). They even offer RSS feeds for your entire gallery, or for individual albums. Also if the 256mb isn't enough they have a 6Gb upgrade option, why they just don't share space between the multiple google services they offer i don't know (hopefully they'll catch on soon). But for the moment 256mb is doing me great. It is only in BETA testing at the moment so if you haven't signed up already you may be waiting a little while for it to be properly released as a google service and hopefully integrated with the rest (i.e gmail, gcalendar, blogger, etc.).

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