Friday, June 30

Complete new look!!

I got the shit's with the look of my blog... So i remade the whole thing from scratch. Gotta love it. Took me 2 nights (as i have a job and work all day), but it's done. I kinda like the new look. I redesigned it all, i particularly like the new logo. But the hardest part was the colour scheme. I spent almost a whole day trying to get the colouring right... Finally went with a 4 part scheme Black, white, red, grey. So tell me what you think... Do you hate it? Do you love it? Or do you really not care? I'd like to know.


Belinda said...

i love the face lift, very cool and mysterious

Friend of an Artist said...

you got a good blog going on here, come check out my mates work, i think you'd like it