Monday, June 26

Remember the Gobbledok

"Better keep your doors and windows locked and youd better watch out for the Gobbledok", "Chippie, Chippie, Chippie". Those famous slogans from the 80's and 90's that would alway's be accompanied by images of the Gobbledok. This guy became a family favourite overnight and helped make Smith's into the company they are now. This bizarre looking character appeared in several advertisements over the 10yr span of his life with Smith's but like all good things came to an end when smiths went for the boring slogan "You'll get lost in the taste"... Why would you choose such a crap slogan. Anyway, I say bring back the gobbledok. I would love to see another Smiths add with that guy. Or if another company has the cash they should try to buy the rights, make a commercial with the Gobbledok forsaking Smith's crisps and eating some other brand, now that would be funny.
-Gobbledok Wiki-
-The Gobbledok Story-


Belinda said...

i loved this thing, he was the coolest and yes he did make smiths chips..what ever happened to him?

Anonymous said...

the gobbledok returns.. check the new smiths ad where they are all singing on a building site, one of the workers is the gobbledok

SexyNinjaMonkey said...

Damn, wish i still had tv... I just wanna watch for that add... Thanks for the tip.

BooKa said...

I reckon if they brought back the Gobbledok it would be an absolute hit! Purely for the nostalgia!

Katrina said...

hey guys,
the gobbledok is also available on you tube (old and new ads) if you're still keen to see him :-)

I'd noticed him on the new ad but lots of people haven't - so definitely get the word out - it's a bit "Where's Wally..." Whoa - too many 80's references in one paragraph :-)