Friday, November 11

My Local Dump, umm i mean home.

Jesus christ! I mean isn't this place a shit heap. Yes that is were a live, don't you just how drab and unimpressive it is. Just thought i'd give an update on things, i mentioned in an earlier post about my pets, we'll things have changed i no longer have mortisha i managed to get my ex to take her back and missy has been soo much happier since (she even put on some weight). I'm down to one rat, as Madeline died. I've given up trying to find a new job for the time being (as long as things keep up where i am) So i'd only be willing to move for more money + less hours. Also recently i got the shits with my half organized music connection and found a link to this excellent advice on how to 'Tidy up your iTunes collection' and did what they recommended and have cleaned up my collection about 70% so far i've still got about half of the album covers to download but i'm almost there. God damn i'm jealous of these dickheads getting their cars hooked up on 'Pimp My Ride' (first night being shown here in Aus) i don't even have a car and these guys are getting the most insane things and it doesn't cost them anything. Damn i would kill for just one of those cars (If only i had my license).


Tanja said...

You really are deep!
Don't you just hate those Christmas songs on the radio?

SexyNinjaMonkey said...

No need to hate the christmas songs, i don't get to hear the radio anymore. I have my iPod for long walks and at work the radio is out in the warehouse and i cant hear it from the office over the phones. But i used to work retail sales in a shopping centre and that's where they really get you