Tuesday, November 29

Welcome to my workspace.
Nothing special, two monitors, two keyboards, two mice, speakers, transistor reference books, folders brimming with catalogue pages newsletters and other assorted information.
Lately i've been busy trying to put together the newsletter. As i've never had any expereince creating pdf's i'm not the fastest in creating them, although i do think i'm doing a pretty decent job (at least it doesn't look like shit).
I haven't heard any news on the whereabouts of my missing wallet, i'm hoping it turns up.
Just the other day i managed to purchase another book off ebay it was John Norman's Beasts of Gor (#12 in the series), which means i have all of the books in the series up to #21. I am now only missing Dancer of Gor (#22), Vagabonds of Gor (#24), Magicians of Gor (#25), and Witness of Gor (#26). Now you have to admit that i've got a pretty damn good collection for a series that's been out of print for some years now.
I gotta go finish watching this dvd, i'm in the middle of series 3 of The Slayers (yes it's probably starting to look like i'm addicted, im not really) so i'm out, till next time.

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