Tuesday, December 13

Just a quick update.

I've just finished, creating a logo for the site.
I was having trouble picking a good picture to use for my logo, but today one of the guys at work gave me an excellent suggestion, something globally known and fits with the name, 'Barrel of Monkeys'. So i tracked down a pic of one of the monkey's and managed to find a good one (i would've taken it myself but i lost my monkeys years ago). I photoshopped it a bit and well there you have it. Make sure you tell me if it's shit and i'll see what else i can knock together.
Oh yeah i got some decent news tonight (for a change), it appears i can finally move on the 22nd. Yes i don't have to spend christmas in my trash heap of an apartment, i can have my house set up and ready (enough to live in anyway).
Now i just gotta figure out what i'm going to do for christmas and my 10 day break, i was thinking of sleeping for 10 days but i should probably do something with the time. What the hell am i going to do???

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