Monday, November 28

My god i was wasted last night.

I mean seriously i was gone. It had been over a month since i last got pissed, and after everything i drank last night i'm surprised i wasn't more messed up. Although i do remember an argument with a cabbie, i only came to in the middle of it so i don't even know what it was about, i do have a feeling that is has something to do with the fact that my wallet is missing. Now that is really annoying loosing your wallet then having to replace all of the cards you had (an unneccesary hassle) but then there's also the money which is not replaceable. I gotta forget about it for the moment or it's just going to annoy me. But yeah, last night ended sometime about 3 or 4 when me and a friend, who doesn't like dealing with his parents while drunk, passed out in my apartment (i never even had the chance to get changed). Ok so i should be in bed already but as usual i got held up late and am just getting ready for bed. Now see i must be really tired i couldn't even be bothered uploading an image for this post. I feel like shit and i'm going to bed.

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