Thursday, December 1

Aeon Flux is the shit

Now how cool is Aeon Flux. A mad chick who can destroy an army in a matter of minutes, i wouldn't mind a piece of that (except she'd more than likely snap your neck if you tried to touch her). But then at the moment i would go for almost anything.
But yeah, i got started thinking about AF when i hear they were making a live action movie, but i'm dissapointed as they said it won't be as extreme as the cartoon (well honestly i doubt they could find a living woman with a body like Aeon), but i read something bout a game which should be awesome. I came across an article called History of Aeon Flux on Culture Pulp (Original Source which was a cartoon showing an interview with Aeon it's a good laugh if you were a fan of the cartoons. Speaking of the cartoons they've just released the Aeon Flux Collection on a 3disc set, i want it sooo badly.

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