Thursday, November 24

I've Been busy lately

I've had a lot happening this last week or so. So there really hasn't been alot of time to post anything. But anyway it's about time for an update.
At work they have me working on a newsletter for our iPod accessories. I've got most of the info gathered, i just have to fix-up the pic's and prepare it all in a pdf to send away for printing. Although it takes a while to get all of that done when you have to answer the phones and update the website with new information as well as place orders for stock and take fax/email orders/enquiries.
Oh yeah, i've found a new place to live so i can finally move out of this accursed hell hole. The new place actually has a backyard so Emma is going to love it, plus the place is huge (and it's all mine). So hopefully i'll be there within the next month.
I finished with the nadesico series i was watching and started with 'the slayers' i'm already up to series 2. It's really good, i was in the mood for some fantasy and this has been a good fix.
So your probably wondering what's with the pic? not much really just saw a white (jack russel x mini foxy) puppy and was so tempted to buy it, she was sooo cute. But my emmy would get jealous if i brought another dog home. anyway it's late i'm tired and i have got to get some sleep before i pass out.

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