Saturday, November 26

The Slayers is a damn good show!

Alright so I'm on season two of the slayers and it's really good. Although for some reason they seem to enjoy regularly dressing up their male characters in drag (????). I'm a big fan of fantasy (magic & dragons and all that) so this show is perfect. It also throws in the necessary amount of humour so as not to get boring. For example I just got to watch the main character Lina Inverse casting her signature move while wearing a cute horsey outfit. Or when they attempt to cast an divine protection spell they discovered in a temple, they wore the ceremonial outfit's and sung the words of the prayer while performing the movements as directed, only to discover that they had just sung and danced in a cute costume for nothing as they had found a book of tributary songs and dances (although the songs did sound like Japanese pop songs).
Ok I'm dying to move already (I haven't even been told when I can move into my new place, the previous owner is taking his time) I am sick of apartments I want a house already. I'm going to kill someone if I don't move soon. My current place is too overcrowded with all of my possessions e.g my arcade cabinet for use in MAME project, it's currently empty but as soon as i bust open the front doors, because of missing key i need to pop the locks, it will hopefully become a fully working mame cabinet + Jukebox. I intend to make it so i can hook up some good speakers and show it off at any party i throw (Good for music and late night drunken Mortal Kombat matches).
So i got a party to go to tomorrow night, it's a 21st for a girl i went to high school with and she has invited other people from school as well. So i get to try and show up a few dickheads i went to school with, sounds like a good night to me. I wonder if anyone else from my class has done anything with their lives? Or if they followed the general trend of my school and became dropouts (there were 37 people in my yr12 class, honestly). It is annoying that it starts at six but it's about an hour away from my place by public transport + i don't finish work till 4:00 + it takes about 30mins to walk home from work + i'll need a shower before heading out (not as bad as a metro but i do like to look good so i'm not the quickest getting ready) = Looks like i'll be late (Lucky the invitation says 6-late).
Ok it's 1:28 and i gotta be at work tommorrow so i should finish up.

Oh and respect for google's dictatorship over all knowledge. HEIL GOOGLE.

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