Monday, November 7

Look out it's coming!!!

Yes it is coming, December the 25th, The 'Great' strain put on the avaerage bank account is about ready to come. Some of you have already started preparing with your shopping and all that stuff, me... well i have this USB powered christmas tree connected to my pc that flashes red/yellow. You know your all jealous of my tree. Now it's probably time to start preparing my funds so i can acually buy presents this year. Now on the other side of things i've been reading into current internet standards and found some info on Web 2.0 and found it interesting, supposedly i am already using it (this blog is an example of Web 2.0). Essentially it means your site uses features such as CSS, XML, RSS, etc. While CSS and XML have already been in use for some time RSS is a more recent emergence allowing people to subscribe to online syndications e.g. blog posts, news reports, weather updates, and even more recently video and audio. For more info check theWeb 2.0 Wiki I found it really informative + it had some helpful links. Anyway it's getting late and i got the entire series of Nadesico: Martian Successor to get through and i'm only up to episode 5.

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