Monday, December 12

What i've been doing this past week

Do you have any idea how hard it is to photograph a dog who just want's to play with you. I chased Emma for 10 mins and this was the best picture i managed to capture. But i like it cause it has missy in the background too. Now i haven't posted for the last week or so because i've been busy, i've been trying to get my life at least partly organized. So i have been spending the time using some of these new web based apps to make the internet more useful.
A good place to start is with Netvibes which is a personal start page. You link it up your rss feeds, your flickr photo set, your Gmail account, and even your Writely documents can be watched from netvibes. It gives you websearch courtesy of Google, Yahoo, IceRocket & wikipedia as well as local weather, general note space, price watcher, oh yeah and can't forget a bookmarking service. Web 2.0 at it's best.
I've also managed to find a Calender service which allows you to make calendars online and either share them or keep them private. It's called CalendarHub and is worth a look. There is also Voo2do which is an online to-do list organizer that is very well set up and easy to use.
As well as those i've also managed to find an awesome site that could possibly be a contender to flickr's photo sharing reign. Boltfolio is not just for photo sharing though, it also lets you upload, tag and share all of your personal audio and video files (100Mb limit per month/unlimited storage space).
Now as well as all of those, i've been spending a hell of alot of time at Pandora which is essentially a music refferal system, you just type in the name of a song or band that you like then it will find and play similar music for you. i had managed to fall right off the music charts and had no idea what was available, with the help of Pandora i've managed to find A few new albums i'd like to purchase.
Of course i have to do all of this in my own time after work as they've blocked most of my favourite sites on the work servers.
Ok i've just realised how tired i am and that it's 12:30 so i'm signing out.

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