Thursday, November 10

Cemetary with a Pre-School

Now up the street from me there is a small church (hence the street name 'Church St'), and it has a decent sized little graveyard in the grounds surrounding it. There's nothing strange about that... but if you look closely at this pic, you'll notice a fence within reaching distance from the headstones. If you'll look even closer you can see a wooden play house and other play equipment, as just on the other side of that extremely thin and useless fence is a pre-school. Now would you like to send your kids to this one? Would you like your kids to have to stare at headstones every time they get to play in the yard? Would you trust your kids with someone who owns a pre-school positioned on the grounds of a cemetary? It could just be me but i think 'NO!'.
On the otherhand during the daylight it is quite a nice little cemetary (despite a few random acts of vandalism) plus emma loves to run around up there. Anyway i've gotten on with watching Nadesico, i'm actually watching the last disc as we speak. After that i've only got Nadesico: The Movie to watch. then maybe it's time for a break from anime (just for a little while).
Lately i've been playing around with all these new Web 2.0 sites available i won't try and explain that for you just check The Web 2.0 Wiki if you want to know anything. Some of the best examples of Web 2.0 are Flickr and It's got alot to do with user opinions and tagging, simply put if you see some info that isn't there, just add it for anyone else who has the same problem as you. Of course there will always be some dumbarse who want's to mess things up, but thanks to recent upgrades (in the good sites) moderators can just roll back to the last good entry. Im feeling a bit tired so i better go get some sleep already.

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